the least loopy of them all

cameo by piglet's toenails

@christa Oooooooh this makes me feel like something good is about to happen

@callie it drove me insane while recording it but now I like it

@christa I want to experiment more with not relying on the DAW to fix my timings's kinda nice when things are loose

@callie i wanna do the opposite but it is nice to force myself to accept that due to many reasons in and outside my control, things aren't gonna be perfect

@callie @christa yeah I've been doing all my looptobers in audacity just manually placing snippets of waveforms. I vastly prefer that sound to the uniformity of daw stuff.

@darius @christa the DAW is teaching me a lot about how to structure music though so I actually really appreciate that as an autodidact

@darius @callie @christa heyyy quantization and reliance on the grid is as much a choice in a DAW as it was a choice in Dilla’s MPC

@dk @callie @christa I feel like I'm fighting against it in any daw I've ever used. I'm fighting against it on my sp404 too. I like that audacity and other pure waveform editors just lack the concept of a grid and bpm.

@darius @dk @callie ya i feel this except for today when I played something and tried to impose a drum beat over it. that was kinda maddening

@christa @darius @dk yeah I'm currently too clumsy to "play" the drums with any accuracy, so if I want a beat that sounds good to my ears, I have to use the grid

@callie @christa @darius @dk i do that too, but then it sounds too mechanical to me, but i don't have a good instinct for what to tweak so i spend hours* dragging the notes back and forth by tiny fractions of a beat.

(swing filters usually don't do the job, but sometimes i throw on a randomize-timing filter and it's enough to make me happy!)

* exaggeration

@dk @callie @christa like even with quantize turned off an mpc wants you to think in loops of a fixed length. And that's fine, it's definitely a feature, but sometimes (most of the time) I want the weird freeform that Christa just adequately described as "maddening"

@darius @callie @christa fair enough. I think there’s a way to turn off the grid/bpm in most DAWs but i could be wrong about that. and i think i’ve been over-“perfecting” things more often than not myself.

@dk @darius @christa you gotta do what sounds and feels good to you imo

@callie @darius @dk I have a lot of performance experience and the lack of precision is really driving me mad. but I really am trying to let it go, because I still prefer the looseness of audacity and want to get it somewhere close to live performance.

@callie @darius @dk I think also... I have a good amount of experience recording live sound and mastering after. I have none in doing studio work. that fact is becoming clear to me through looptober

@pagrus actually listened to this one not on headphones before uploading 😜

@christa oooh fuck I really like how atmospheric this is, and the drifting beats. love it

@christa @jim ah yes, the horse horsehorse of the horseocalypse

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