Logic is doing a bunch of events for the release of our book series next week!

all are free & online. come hang! all times Pacific.

Mon 10/12
πŸ€– 6p - Ben Tarnoff & Moira Weigel on Voices From the Valley, with Anna Wiener
πŸ€– 7:30p - Tim Hwang on Subprime Attention Crisis, with Allison Arieff

Tues 10/13
πŸ€– 6p - @xrw on Blockchain Chicken Farm, with An Xiao Mina
πŸ€– 7:30p - Adrian Daub on What Tech Calls Thinking, with @jomc

Weds 10/14
πŸ€– 6p: big ol panel, with Robin Sloan

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@christa i just shared this with everyone at work and someone said "more like...BOCK-CHAIN πŸ”"

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