(taking a tour of iPhone drum machines and all of their terrible ads and pricing structures. this one is made with EasyBeats, which is the best and least annoying re pricing I’ve tried so far)

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the fact that these don’t perfectly loop even though they do in the app is gonna drive me a little mad

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turns out these do loop well, it was just mobile safari that made it seem like they weren't!

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a b c

(another quick phone loop with easy beats! I’m really liking the program, gonna try Koala next)

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there’s a mouse in this louse

(first track using koala! omg such a good program. thanks for the tip @darius)

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ha ha. ha

(just messing with koala performance modes and effects!)

cw creepy laughing

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@zee EasyBeats for iOS. it’s free and pretty good! some preloaded sounds, easy to record your own samples, simple user interface. gonna try Koala next on recommendation

@christa Thanks! I bought the pro version because they seemed like an indie dev :X. I think I know how to make it "perfect loop" but I need to futz more...

@christa I've been "learning" GarageBand's loop maker (by which I mean, poking at GarageBand and failing) but I like the interface this has more than the GB Drum Machine.

@zee yeah I had been using garage band for things but it has some show stopping what I’d consider bugs for how I write music. I also wanted an option to write things on my phone! this has been nice and simple so far, pretty impressed. Darius also recommended Koala, which I’m planning on checking out soon

@wayward :D thank you maggie!! I’m really really happy with it!

@christa I've been trying to think what this reminds me of and I think it's deerhoof's track "dog on the sidewalk"

@callie I love that song so much!! the crinkle bits are definitely me ripping off Psapp; I was just so pleased to find that sound preloaded

@christa I don't think I've heard of Psapp before! I will check them out

@christa @callie dang i haven't thought of psapp in a minute! this brings me back to... a very different time in my life

@six @callie same. I hope it's a nice feeling? mine is bittersweet but nicely nostalgic

@christa i love it! i may steal the idea when it's peter's dinner time

@callie was seriously considering putting a cw but thought name might be evocative enough


@christa I wanna hang out in whatever basement this music is happening in

@brennen I’m definitely doing a lot of riffing off the books and psapp lately!!

@christa give Koala a shot -- it is strictly a sequencer so you have to provide your own sounds but it also sounds like you're doing that anyway!

@darius done, thanks!! I can’t help but find all preloaded sounds impossibly cheesy

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