(taking a tour of iPhone drum machines and all of their terrible ads and pricing structures. this one is made with EasyBeats, which is the best and least annoying re pricing I’ve tried so far)

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a b c

(another quick phone loop with easy beats! I’m really liking the program, gonna try Koala next)

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there’s a mouse in this louse

(first track using koala! omg such a good program. thanks for the tip @darius)

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ha ha. ha

(just messing with koala performance modes and effects!)

cw creepy laughing

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very obviously still do not know how to be chill in koala performer mode hah

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I’m kind of hitting a wall with koala and being stuck inside the house. gotta find other ways of using it, but luckily today: I’m leaving the apartment!!!

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@christa this is almost as visceral as pig eating. i love it

@callie haha I think the samples are all just recorded synth noises, but I really chopped em up huh

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