yesterday Logic Magazine launched Logic School, an online, experimental school for tech workers looking to remake the industry from below, developed and coordinated by @xrw!

applications are open now, classes begin in March and last for twelve weeks. there is no cost! please share with folks who might be interested.

more info @

and here's the twitter link for sharing/more info!

@christa @xrw this sounds great! how friendly is it likely to be to folks in european time zones?

@mewo2 @xrw oh good question! there are weekly 2-hour live sessions (more about specifics here: but I'm not sure how xiaowei has been thinking about scheduling. I'll ask and get back to you!

@mewo2 @xrw sounds like we're prioritizing US timezones, which likely means early evening PT/late evening ET. european folks are welcome to apply, but timing will likely be inopportune

@christa @xrw cool, makes sense! thanks for letting me know

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