I'm selling an elektron digitakt (sampler) 

I'm selling my elektron digitakt, barely used. sorry it's a lot of money, was a pricey buy to find out it wasn't my thing! but maybe it's yours?

anyway if you'd care to buy it here you go; feel free to send offers. can arrange free pickup in SF! rvrb.io/2010s-digitakt-684irp

I'm selling a nikon D750 body (camera) 

I'm selling my Nikon D750 camera body. it's a great full-frame camera, lightly used, but I wanted to downsize!

if you'd like to buy it just shoot me an offer through craigslist or here via DM (same apology as previous post for price). the post is craigslist inflated, so don't feel bad if your offer is lower. I'm happy to ship to folks I know here, too.


I'm selling 2 nikon DX lenses (camera, cheap/free) 

I think this will be my last post like this for a bit!

I'm selling my two old nikon lenses. they're good for the entry level DSLRs with a cropped frame, and would come with the two lens kit for that sort of body.

the list price is craigslist inflated, truly happy to just give these to someone who would use them! shoot me a DM if that's you or someone you know and we can work out pickup / shipping outside SF.



I'm selling a nikon D750 on ebay (camera, body only) 

one last post about selling things!

the digitakt has now been sold, but the Nikon D750 body is still for sale. I've moved it to ebay—here's the posting: ebay.us/HspH7S?cmpnId=53382731

shoot me an offer if you're interested!

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I'm selling a nikon D750 on ebay (camera, body only) 

also let me know via DM if you sent an offer, so I can know it's from fediverse. willing to sell for less than I would for random people on ebay

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