paid off my $2.02 debt to twilio so bleep bloop hotline's back, baybee!!!


a balanced bloopfast


(I've been posting a new bloop every day, so if you check back regularly now there should be something new every 24-48 hrs!)

maxin the oscillators, trying to match the tone of the golden gate bridge screams


first semi-modular bloops on the hotline! we got some space clarinet in here


first bloops with matriarch and subsequent 37 together! a fucked up carnival


getting in those last unloopable bloops in time for looptober!


first bloops from new bloop location maybe?


@pagrus got a loop pedal from a friend so excited to get some new bloops going

@christa thank you for providing the daily recommended dose of bloop

@christa longest dose of bloops in a while! moog's got you extra inspired!!

@ranjit this synth is so good ranjit! and I love the loop pedal, it’s so easy to just layer on up

@ranjit I’m trying to figure out how to get my four oscillators in my matriarch to do different things!

@casey I’ve been fiddling with this same base patch for months because I love it too much to lose it

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