looptober 2022 

01: silver piglets of this room

(or: I had a different melodic loop earlier today and accidentally erased it because I'm learning my loop station, and then got back home after a long day and brain only came out noise)


looptober 2022 

so excited for looptober! I think I’m going to leave production notes if they’re interesting. if not noted it will just be my moog matriarch and/or vocals run through a loop station with built-in effects and recorded into audacity or by phone from a monitor. this first one is exactly that

looptober 2022 

I’ll also be crossposting non-looping versions to the bleep bloop hotline:
(419) 452-4857

looptober 2022 

02: piglet is a dog

this is just my PO-24 with vocals run through a lo-fi filter over top. my theme for this looptober might be piglet 🤷

looptober 2022 

03: piglet as an extra in the crow

idk I love the late 90s/early 2000s industrial-club-but-on-cable-tv vibe

drum track on PO-24 run through phaser effects in my loop station, with multiple tracks from matriarch (triangle wave and stereo delay, mostly)

excited to hear how terrible this compresses on the hotline (best with headphones here)

looptober 2022 

on 03: I wanted to land the ending before the loop a little better but missed hitting the pedal and couldn't stand to record it again because it is past my bedtime

looptober 2022 

ok I found the limits of phone sound compression. someone use this as hold music: 419-452-4857

looptober 2022 #4 

04: against machine wishes

this is my moog matriarch recorded into loop pedal at ~130bpm then slowed down to a point where my loop station started yelling "Tempo Too Slow!" and freaking out. sorry, robot, I love it

I heard this BIPPP compilation I've loved for along time (and often find myself ripping off) on WFMU today so the lead is kind of a mishmash of tracks on that (Touche pas mon sexe by Comix & Contagion by A Trois Dans Les WC)

looptober 2022 #5 

05: wild nuggies

honestly this was just two of the pre-loaded tracks off my pocket operators (PO-28 robot as main, PO-24 office synced) with a wailing lead because the robot po rules

I'm trying to learn how to use my matriarch as the clock for the POs but so far no dice. anybody?

ok time for dinner with friend byeee

(repost! sorry! I keep forgetting to add the hashtaggy)

looptober 2022 #6 

06: polyphon

PO-28 and matriarch. once again accidentally deleted the track I was working on 😞 missed yesterday, gonna catch up this weekend

looptober 2022 #7 

07: stuck pig

just my PO-24 and me learning how to live play

looptober 2022 #8 

08: the gourd below

live drums (my first time recording them!) run into loop pedal, matriarch over top. notes by @jim !

looptober 2022 #9 

09: settling (catching up)

live drums into loop, cranked tempo down until it was so slow it glitched the machines, then same with the matriarch. I'm liking exploring the boundaries of the machines

looptober 2022 

I’m still doing looptober! just have been under the weather most of this week and busy tonight. also I’ll be out of town next week so. lol woops

looptober 2022 

welp I really did it while I did it. rip looptober

re: looptober 2022 

@christa ooof - sympathies on the lost loop. Glad you still came up with something neat!

- Packbats 🎒

looptober 2022 

@ranjit I am not in the business of lies

looptober 2022 

@christa I really like the buried vocals in this one

looptober 2022 

@christa I made a script to call a VM number and record it years ago, it was when I was working for a seafood wholesaler and transcribing orders. Maybe I should dig it out

looptober 2022 

@pagrus ooh I wonder if I could record it using garage band on my phone. or maybe I’ll use my vocal mic and put it back into the loop station :ouroboros_smile: I’ll probably use the cleaner version but the compression is really entertaining

looptober 2022 

@christa Cleaner is relative here, clearly

looptober 2022 #5 

@christa I seem to recall that the POs have a weird pulses per quarter. Are you not getting any response from the po at all? there is a sync setting that you need to turn on to force them to sync.

looptober 2022 #5 

@jonbro I can sync my POs together but can’t figure out how to sync them to an external clock. I’m looking at the manual and trying a bunch of things. it’s possible I’m not connected to the right output? or using a balanced cable? I’m not sure, have tried all the sync modes so think it’s an input problem

looptober 2022 #7 

@christa good industrial from the downrez dimension

@christa this is a bop. impressed you manage to not only make these daily, but also this is like, song length

@graue the secret is only programming two measures of drums and then figuring out how I can fuck em up by pressing buttons

looptober 2022 #8 

@christa @jim I like this!!!

looptober 2022 

@christa Cool track. Love to find people making weird media on the fediverse.

@christa love this looptober concept. Might set this composition of yours as my alarm…

@graue it's so fun! a lot of folks on friend camp contribute. this is a feed of the public posts plus other instances known to ours posting to the hashtag:

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