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I had been hanging around twitter because a lot of folks haven’t yet made the jump, but I think I’m at my limit. gonna finally do fedi find and vacate


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I’ve never felt like I had to “maintain a presence” on mastodon but definitely felt that about twitter. I always assumed that’s where I would find future jobs, and partly why I couldn’t delete. I’m not sure where that is for me anymore but the thought of letting go of it is a little freeing. I will miss a lot of listening though! but here’s to more intentional and non-corporate online community

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@christa Haha the job paranoia keeps me on LinkedIn, that's for sure. Twitter not so much. And I actually got my current job from mastodon, so

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@pagrus I guess I did too! though me being on friend camp at all is all from twitter and twitter bots way back when. idk, sad but it’s gone

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@christa yeah same here. i left awhile ago but kept my account open and my tweets up.

today pushed me over the edge. deleting it all. will miss being able to find those old conversations but i have an archive if i ever care to look.

like you say, it's sort of freeing.

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@d6 I really did think I would hang around for awhile longer, but today it was just like eh why. it's time. I deleted my tweets long ago so the only feelings I have is for something that isn't re-visitable

@christa I really am challenged by where I should maintain a presence and how to do it without selling out.

my thoughts on maintaining a presence 

@cathasach I think for me I'm trying to use that feeling to be more intentional about what that presence means. for shortterm it may mean me having a number of different accounts (for friends, for topics, for professional stuff) and consolidating or expanding in future, or using different methods entirely. I've never been that interested in cultivating a distinct professional network and twitter let me collapse that, but not sure that was a good thing? idk!

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