sfpol, border politics 

I appreciate the sentiment but … feel like this is just not the metaphor, scott

kid film pics 

made these prints of my cutie niblings to give to fam for mothers day

kodak t-max 400 on ilford rc multigrade satin, developed and printed at the harvey milk community photo center in sf (my fave)

film photos, pool pics of human no ec 

prints I worked on in the darkroom last night. I’m happy with them! worked on getting better with developing split contrasts and dodging.

at this point I’m mainly just picking photos with a new tricky bit each time to see how I can improve my printmaking

film photos 

pics part 2. excited to make prints from these. film developed at the harvey milk photo center in sf, my second roll ever

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film photos 

developed a new roll! still don't have photo paper so here are some phone photos of inverted negatives

succulent identification q 

does anyone know what this plant is? it’s a succulent of some type, I grabbed a small bit from a neighbor’s house, this was draped over their garage door

I've been writing and running a little Rails forum for about a month now for some friends!

I think I still have a little bit to go for a 1.0 for the software (mainly pagination, our forum is too small to require it yet) but think it's in a place where I can recommend it to others if you're interested in shaping development.

if you're interested in running a little forum for your friends or an existing community, check it out (and let me know so I start versioning!): github.com/hartsick/ruBB

looptober note 

my friend made this cool audio visualization tool here: disambiguo.us/scenes/spiro and for his birthday we were asked to take videos of ourselves listening to music and using it. so, here is a basic sequence on my matriarch with it. ((and here's my video, don't tell him yet))

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looptober process and ref 

uh oops *turkey vultures, not cultures


I did a sequence on my subsequent 37 and pumped it in through the instrument input on my matriarch to pick up spacey vibes. I had a more majestic sounding loop for this but fucked it up and turkey vultures are creepy anyway so went that way. idk may post other one but prob not because this looper stops for no editing

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