for Logic's Care issue, we spoke with three government technology workers about careers tending to machines behind critical services.

through their stories you hear the histories of technical systems, of policy's impact on technology, of outsourcing, of resource management, of choices within systems, of humans and what drives them.

I love talking to people about their jobs, and it was such a joy to get to talk to these folks about theirs.

here it is, hope you enjoy:

@callie i really like all of the sounds in this one, especially the little high pitched clop

@li I love this and how this sound moves around my speakers. reminds me of going to performances in grace cathedral. agh i miss it so much

@callie omg these are some real slinky leatherjacketed alley vampries

@callie haha I think the samples are all just recorded synth noises, but I really chopped em up huh

very obviously still do not know how to be chill in koala performer mode hah

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@makingarecord if it's any consolation, mine is not good!! have noticed in last few years that new tapes have shot up in price, though


@makingarecord microcassette!! I love the feel of this so much. this is making me realize I could record on my non-micro cassette deck

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