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I'm hosting a webinar about trust and safety on the fediverse this Thursday, Dec 8th at 12pm Eastern. It's an introduction to the state of content moderation and community safety here.

I hope it will be useful to people at civil society organizations who have perhaps heard about Mastodon and the fediverse and would like to know more about where there are gaps in funding and services, and places where orgs could potentially help augment what's already happening.


@sanae do you know how connie chan is intending to vote right now? planning on emailing either way, just curious

@makingarecord I cant remember where this happened, maybe when I lived in barcelona?, but I distinctly remember telling someone abroad that I lived in ohio and they laughed at me because they thought ohio was just an american joke

@inquiline one of my favorite things to do with friends and family visiting the bay area is to take them on the ferry into jack london square in oakland, because you get to go right through the working port. it's beautiful and interesting imo

@skiles leaving from that station is so cool! you get to see a lot of industrial parts of the bay, including running right next to the old sugar factory near vallejo. also, hi from across the bay 👋

@nasser @wayward oh cool I didn't realize you knew each other! I just went through the process of picking a domain for a new hometown instance some friends and I are running and there are so many good available domains. I think my favorite we didn't pick was (somerville throwback but good in its own right)

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Just in case you're wondering, the fight against authorizing the use of deadly force via robots by the SFPD isn't over yet. There is one vote left before the policy becomes effective. If you live in SF, you can use this Action Alert to tell your Supervisor to vote "no."

@d how is that that pup’s face. a meme waiting to happen

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UC also wants to completely scrap the contract’s disability justice provisions and replace them with, as far as i can tell, literally nothing

and they keep calling bargaining sessions with no advance notice late at night – like, 10pm or later. last night’s session started a bit after midnight

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idk how many of you are following the current University of California academic workers’ strike, but the UC’s handling of the situation is genuinely appalling to me.

the workers at multiple UC campuses (particularly UCSC) are routinely putting more than half of their monthly pay toward rent. the latest contract offer from the UC is suggesting wage increases on the order of… maybe a couple thousand dollars? like, “one month of rent” levels in Santa Cruz

Logic School cohort 2 applications open now! an experimental school for tech workers by tech workers 

Logic School is an online, experimental school for tech workers looking to remake tech from below, now in year 2!

I helped with support for the first cohort last year and the community they and @xrw built was such an incredible thing to be a part of.

classes begin in March; applications are open now. share with any tech worker who could use an organizing catalyst!

@makingarecord I have a specialized retro frame that I got in 2012 from a shop in boston! it was on discount because it was a previous year's model, work paid for it because previous bike was totaled when I was hit by car during work hours on it. I've started fixing it up recently - in last month got the handlebars/post raised, cushy tape, wider tires, thicker pedals without clips, and a second set of brakes at the stem. rides like a dream. pic in next post so I can share from phone

@makingarecord I’m going to answer the shit out of this when I’m on my personal computer

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