bunch of random stuff adjacent to echo nest 

@pagrus yeah they got acquired. if you’re interested at all nick seaver has a book coming out soon about music recommenders. I assume echo nest and some other contemporary companies are covered (my partner worked for one called media unbound, a number of his coworkers went to echo nest / rdio/ spotify after). my first ever hack day was where infinite jukebox was unveiled! press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/b


@tripofmice oh I’ve had their bagels at a place in the mission before. I think they’re fine! not mind blowing. I like sourdough bagels tho

photo sale 

@pagrus I'm so glad you found this site because it's just full of portraits of people I love, and I didn't know I could just look at them

photo sale 

@pagrus yeah! here's me :D kelseytdillow.com/?lightbox=da. I didn't realize she had scans of her tintypes online. she has been doing tintype portraits as her main work for a bit; the instagram sale work is non-portrait work that I don't see reflected on the site. she's great and I love her work

photo sale 

@pagrus not off instagram unfortunately, think it's just a casual sale and she doesn't have an online shop. not local - lives in tennessee, on the farm with my cousin I've mentioned before

photo sale 

a friend is having a photo sale right now on instagram! all tintypes and silver gelatin prints, haunting and beautiful, get them while you can


@Zee @anaulin ooh I had been struggling with getting this going in my own app, looking forward to joining - will be quiet because still finishing up some work of my own, though!

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mr. peanut sign (hair affair sign), (closer view), route 6, swansea, massachusetts, 1984

pointless UI/UX which will never exist but which i wish did exist 

@nicknicknicknick oh, nope! misunderstood browser as window. sorryyyyyy

pointless UI/UX which will never exist but which i wish did exist 

@nicknicknicknick chrome has this and I do love it

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rooster statue at shirt world, route 441, pigeon forge, tennessee, 1984

@scottinahat this was my favorite book in middle school. we had to make dioramas of a book of our choosing in seventh grade and I made one of the soma distribution scene 😂

SF event tomorrow - free outdoor launch party for internet for the people 

there's a free launch party for Ben Tarnoff's Internet for the People tomorrow (Tues 6/21) at 6pm in the alley next to City Lights!! gonna be a fun time. I'll be there, taking video probably. come hang~


6 y/o news 

@tripofmice can’t wait for this nibling phase

@graue it’s really hard! network effect is real. but I hope you stay here.

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