the world has changed so much since we started working on this issue at the end of last year, and I am so impressed with contributors and the core team for pulling out this beautiful, timely issue through all of it. I hope it provides something to folks in a dark time.

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we've just released the editor's note for Logic's upcoming issue, Care! you can read it online here:

the full TOC for the issue along with ordering info is here:

I'm really excited for the interview series with government mainframe programmers to make it into the world—feels like we've been working on it forever

lastly, starting with this issue we now support international print subscriptions! more info @

@pagrus yeah, we were kind of a community station but didn't have the format that usually entails. but keeping classical (and jazz) in certain spots allowed us to sell ads to support the station (we were a not-for-profit commercial station, not owned by the university). I did a jazz show and a punk show with live bands, enjoyed both!

@pagrus yeah, we really didn't have many conversations about obscenity, which is kind of surprising. our format was classical during day and then punk/noise/etc on weeknights and rap/rnb on weekend nights. our big focus at the time was royalties for streaming, though—it was right when soundexchange was trying to basically run small broadcasters out of business for doing online streams of their radio content. so, we had other worries

@pagrus I did college radio for four years on east coast (was president too so involved with jargony convos about this stuff) and we never used that phrase

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tfw you were in the pocket hammock first and you will NOT be moving just because your brother thinks it's his turn :blobangery:

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@kit one halloween in high school my friend and I went as tissue boxes. maybe you could live your quarantine life as a tissue box

why I only want to wear children's hiking clothes from here on out 

@tripofmice my friend got excellent mileage finding ll bean boys thrift clothing for all outdoors gear. apparently it’s easy to find since they grow out of it (they’re on the east coast so ll bean more common), often barely used, last forever.

@pagrus my problem with podcasts is that they haven't discovered the idea of editors

we just opened up international print subscriptions for Logic Magazine!

deets & pricing here:

Selfie, cat, no ec 

@Moss you can do ittttt!!!

@ranjit @whoisgina endorse me for eating corn from troughs in the dark of night

@whoisgina I was just thinking while staring at that soundcloud social card that I sort of inadvertently became a possum on the internet *shrug*

new bloops4u: holy phone compression edition

my first drum sequence on my digitakt!


(also here, bc holy phone compression:

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