mental health, unsolicited personal experience 

@redoak I relate to this a lot and have founds friends are very accepting of me just sending “hey sorry for not responding before. [on to new thing]” it’s such a relief to not have to explain, and gets me unstuck and back in the relationship

@d6 thank you! I was trying to rip off badalamenti. not sure if I managed but I like the vibe nonetheless

looptober note 

my friend made this cool audio visualization tool here: and for his birthday we were asked to take videos of ourselves listening to music and using it. so, here is a basic sequence on my matriarch with it. ((and here's my video, don't tell him yet))

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non-fedi looptober 

one of my coworkers decided to join in on and I'm really liking his loops! ambient, each in numbered sequence build on previous similarly numbered loop

check it out here (can tell soundcloud to loop; it doesn't by default):

looptober process 

all done on my phone with koala. samples are various dinner sounds - metal chopstick against wine glass, against another metal chopstick, shaking keys on metal chopstick, @jim eating a cracker, hitting table, etc

done 4 night bye

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looptober process and ref 

uh oops *turkey vultures, not cultures


I did a sequence on my subsequent 37 and pumped it in through the instrument input on my matriarch to pick up spacey vibes. I had a more majestic sounding loop for this but fucked it up and turkey vultures are creepy anyway so went that way. idk may post other one but prob not because this looper stops for no editing

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2021 - 09
[video of swarming looping turkey cultures, included in next post]

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looptober process 

I'm trying to touch the keyboard as little as possible lately and not use the sequencer at all if I can. so, I'm routing a bunch of outputs into other inputs and, right now, trying to get to a mechanical spacey sound—still not totally sure what's going on with this but here's what the matriarch looks like hah

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2021 - 08
"Toynbee's idea in 2001"

(playing catchup after a week away! let's goooo)

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my work is hiring! (engineers, product managers, managers) 

some more details:

- all roles are open to remote.

- all roles have pay listed in the job posting, according to federal schedule (will be adjusted to where you live and what step/level you are hired into).

- the IC positions are 2+2+2+2 year terms (so, up to 8 years) total; however supervisor positions are career (no term limit). these are both new things for those familiar!

it's an exciting time to join, a lot of changes happening

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