I found reference to my hometown in the history of Standard Oil I'm reading and, well, lol bookwyrm.social/user/christa/q

@pagrus @jim oh shit I forgot about that! no, sadly, they and the salad spinner were gone by the time I got down there.

@pagrus @tek @jim hi! jim is my partner. any chance we can get two in that envelope :D

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It’s pretty wild how a main part of Standard Oil’s business strategy and success is going “Okay, person who transfers my oil (railroad, pipeline). What if you gave me a steep discount and then also paid me a cut of whatever other people pay you to transfer oil with you. Yeah I know it’s illegal but just be cool.” ... and the railroads and pipelines being like “ok sounds good.”

(comment on "The History of the Standard Oil Company")

food, vegan but looks like non-veg 

@pagrus yeah those lil packages are not enough

food, vegan but looks like non-veg 

@pagrus did you snag this in sf??

food, vegan but looks like non-veg 

@pagrus holy shit I didn’t realize you could get it in a big block. want

@zee @anaulin @colombene that’d be fun! Ana (and Zee hah) the podcast is great so far

@keith basically anyone on friend camp (though most folks don’t post non-local much), maybe check out merveilles.town . I’ll send you some specific folks via dm soon!

@zee was chatting a little bit with friends on camp about platform coops for creative projects last week too

@zee I’d love to chat sometime soon, I think we’d have a lot to talk about! this makes me think of something Darius mentions in his guide about building services for communities (using mastodon as oauth provider for other services — friend camp has grown to many other platforms only available to folks on our instance). also reminds me of community memory terminals here in the Bay Area and detroit community technology projects mesh networks. all very different but related

@zee @oak I’d also recommend Darius’s (our admin) runyourown.social if you haven’t read it yet! he’s been tossing around the idea of neighborhoods, connected instances with higher levels of trust, for a bit. I’m interested in that idea since as much as I love the close culture of our instance it would be nice to have a more open relationship with some folks on other instances

@oak this is one of the most important imo things hometown (a mastodon fork friend camp is run on) encourages! I love local only posting for this reason, every instance should have it (cc @zee who boosted into my feed)

@Cute also I'm sorry to hear things have been hard!!

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The Cure, "The Kiss" from the album "Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (Remastered) [Bonus Version]". https://song.link/us/i/171987602 #nowplaying #fediplay

@zee i enjoyed myself and am looking forward to more conversation *and also* I have not been in a space that white in a long time

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