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some day I will make music that sounds like music I think I would make, but until then this is cool, too!

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new bloops4u

first beat on my new digitakt!


gov benefits, technology 

this is the introductory piece about why safety net technology systems suck that I've been wanting (touches contractors like deloitte, but also highlights the role of punitive policy that focuses on fraud and complex eligibility):

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sf, homelessness 

it's absolutely crushing how many people are living on the street in SF right now, especially at a time when hotels are sitting open and the city has failed to deliver on the safe sleeping sites (basically parking lots for tents to be set up, with access to sanitation and some services).

when passing out food I'd ask where the next set of tents were, and they'd only ever be a max of a few blocks away. it's just fucking infuriating.

RIP logic camp 

just deleted all the resources in AWS. feels GOOD

tiny write up on decommissioning the instance is here, for those interested!

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tech mistranscriptions by the algo 

block Cheney

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friend camp & mastodon mistranscriptions by the algo 

Frank kind
friend campaigns
crime camp
unfriend camp
Frank can
you're a red carpet

My son
mass, not instances
messed up servers
Macedonia. Social
mass product
Bastard on
messed until
best known, that social

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what are some of your favorite collections of beautiful language

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georges perec, images without alt 

poetry in the latest paris review. he’s one of my favorite authors, but I’ve never seen work of his like this before

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opossum opinions: a poll 

thank you!!

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