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three little pig's straw house three-quarter view, storybook land park, aberdeen, south dakota, 1987


even synth strings can be outta tune

beat is sampled seal sounds! all else is modded moog subsequent 37 presets

first time doing any sort of drum-like thing in garage band, I think?

ok ok
maybe next time I’ll figure out how to loop

(also on the bleep bloop hotline @@ 419-452-4857)

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just a little song i've been working on for a while now


I like tracking the fediverse social graph through the arrival of stickers

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Please look at this cake whether you do or don't watch the Great British Bake Off, as seen in S8E1 


reggae, spotify link 

listening to the congos today and it's perf for 90 degree san francisco

picked up a re-pressing of this album a few years ago, not sure from where. maybe amoeba in sf, where I'll never shop again after their anti-homeless bs?


I read this thing about a thing I’ve been thinking a lot about (what happens after election day) and sharing because maybe you’ve been thinking a lot about it too

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every door the soft nose opens is porkchop's kingdom

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ah, it seems the dog trainer has assumed that we have "separate rooms" with "closing doors"

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airplane watermelon with melon balls, menges, livingston manor, new york, 1978

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