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for Logic's Care issue, we spoke with three government technology workers about careers tending to machines behind critical services.

through their stories you hear the histories of technical systems, of policy's impact on technology, of outsourcing, of resource management, of choices within systems, of humans and what drives them.

I love talking to people about their jobs, and it was such a joy to get to talk to these folks about theirs.

here it is, hope you enjoy:

very obviously still do not know how to be chill in koala performer mode hah

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ha ha. ha

(just messing with koala performance modes and effects!)

cw creepy laughing

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there’s a mouse in this louse

(first track using koala! omg such a good program. thanks for the tip @darius)

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two-level hole, till's dairyland and putt-r-golf, route 430, mansfield, ohio, 1988

turns out these do loop well, it was just mobile safari that made it seem like they weren't!

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a b c

(another quick phone loop with easy beats! I’m really liking the program, gonna try Koala next)

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the fact that these don’t perfectly loop even though they do in the app is gonna drive me a little mad

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(taking a tour of iPhone drum machines and all of their terrible ads and pricing structures. this one is made with EasyBeats, which is the best and least annoying re pricing I’ve tried so far)

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