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lately I've been digging bookwyrm, an open source federated goodreads by @tripofmice.

if you'd like, you can follow my public book reviews (from your mastodon or other activitypub-supporting service!) at!

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December 1997: "Librarians have promised to put the world of information at the public's fingertips. Now they're stuck fixing bugs and teaching people how to use a mouse."

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jingle synth 

merry off christmas

(also on the hotline at (419) 452-4857 if there’s anyone you wanna send it to)

but not actually, just wanna make it loop on camp. first little track on my pocket operator

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logic - pitch us! 

we're now accepting pitches for our next issue of Logic! the theme is DISTRIBUTION.

more on the theme, rates, how to pitch, and deadlines are here:

outside of reported pieces, we're also always looking for interesting folks to talk to for interviews (identified or anonymous). our anonymous series talks with rank-and-file tech workers about their work.

if you know of someone who'd like to chat, contact us the same way as a pitch or DM me for my signal

jorbs - product manager for tech non-profit, working on criminal record clearance 

my team just opened up a role for product manager! do you know anyone who might be a good fit? job requirements, values, and salary in the post.

day-to-day you'd be working in a small team focused on expanding clearance eligibility, implementing clearance automation with gov, building tools for legal aid, centering impacted folks.

happy to chat/answer any questions!

css question 

what do you recommend to learn about writing good (by 'good' here I mean accessible, maintainable, reusable) CSS in real applications? classes, articles, whatever.

well crafted CSS has always been so hard for me to figure out! I've been working on our fledgeling design system at work and feeling a lot of feels lately.

I asked twitter, too, but I bet camp/fedi has better answers

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yesterday Logic Magazine launched Logic School, an online, experimental school for tech workers looking to remake the industry from below, developed and coordinated by @xrw!

applications are open now, classes begin in March and last for twelve weeks. there is no cost! please share with folks who might be interested.

more info @

and here's the twitter link for sharing/more info!

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I’m kind of hitting a wall with koala and being stuck inside the house. gotta find other ways of using it, but luckily today: I’m leaving the apartment!!!

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for Logic's Care issue, we spoke with three government technology workers about careers tending to machines behind critical services.

through their stories you hear the histories of technical systems, of policy's impact on technology, of outsourcing, of resource management, of choices within systems, of humans and what drives them.

I love talking to people about their jobs, and it was such a joy to get to talk to these folks about theirs.

here it is, hope you enjoy:

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