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An Oulipo Songbook 

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Doctor: Hey did you see the great clown Pagliacci is in town? Wow, I'm so excited, I have a huge crush on that clown.

Pagliacci, blushing: But... but doctor...

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The Good Place, s3 minor spoilers 

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Emotionland. Sentimental City. Feelings dot Camp.

unnecessary further thoughts about The Witcher TV series 

I have now finished The Witcher (TV series) and it is: yeah not great

On the advice of a very wise friend, I am re-reading Robin Hobb.

I regret to inform you it is time for me to continue watching The Witcher.

passive-aggressive vent about Jira 

passive-aggressive vent about Jira 

Mac whinge 

snack food 

snack food 

A mother on my train is explaining to her tiny daughter that you can't always be on holiday, you always have to come back, and the tiny daughter is very upset and I'm like, kid, word.

I just heard the song sk8er boi for the first time in this taxi and now I’m outraged that she rhymes TV with MTV

Doesn't necessarily need to be explicitly considered "magic" in the fiction - e.g. bending in Avatar, all the stuff Dream does in Sandman, etc.

Tell me some magic in fiction that you think is cool! Preferably stuff I'm likely to be familiar with, or give a description of what it is / how it works so I can understand what's cool about it.

(Research for game design!)

(I have never been a good sleeper but it's always been difficulty *getting* to sleep. Once I'm there I'm usually out for as long as I'm allowed.)

I am not delighted about this new trend where I wake up after half a night's sleep and then can't get back to sleep again

I will only buy "Fun Edition" soap now. Given the choice is available, why would you ever buy non-Fun soap.

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