@ranjit @eee_ee_ee I don't know why but I cannot spot your dolphin post from my dolphin account :(

@clinkingdog @ranjit@oulipo.social @eee_ee_ee federation between dolphin town and oulipo is spotty because of the dolphins’ EEE E EEEEE (Great Firewall)

@clinkingdog @ranjit @ranjit @eee_ee_ee
you, part of civilization: ahoy kind sirs, i wish to talk oauth and various standards
i, a dolphin: [vast sounds which not any body can put to a transcription]

@joshly @clinkingdog @ranjit @eee_ee_ee oddly, I can look at this post as a notification but I can’t look at it in main tymlyn. Mystry upon mystry!

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