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The best dating advice I ever got was to remember that if someone ghosts me, they were probably a hired assassin who fell in love and couldn't finish the job.

Looking to buy a large, minimal, good looking table for playing board games and such. Any tips?

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Okay, there is one CLEAR winner for this "The boys being back in town" playlist.

Had to do a double-take on this real-time AQI ranking widget on a website I was looking at. (

Got a CO2 detector and the initial reading was 3126 ppm. But, after 10 minutes it's down to ~800. I guess I should just ignore the initial reading instead of moving to a new house.

Really glad there is some ska on this Murder Ballads playlist.

I can't believe nobody submitted "The Day Robert Pallins Murdered Me" to the Murder Ballads playlist.

Ellen and I just rescued a bug from our blinds. He got stuck in there so we had to make a cut and nudge him out with chopsticks. He is free now.

Ah yes, Fat Bottomed Girls, Queen's most bicycle-centric song.

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our anti-crunch game jam 'a game by its cover' is back – no competition or prizes, long deadline, late submissions possible

with crunch and burnout as industry staples, more than anything we want to provide a safe, comfortable and fun way for participants to get creative

my friends and i made video with more info about the rules and how to participate

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