I’d rather be piggy dippin’ at the piggy pond.


They’re minting other people’s CodePen demos, gists, and the like and calling it innovation.

My friend Josh made a Wordle-esque game last year: quina.app/

I bought one of these and I need to now sell my moog. The moog was too complex for me. I wanted the new Rhodes but they are $10k so I got this instead.

Spectacles, testicles, wallet, and watch.

Peppermint ice cream is the best ice cream? Just finished bowl one of the season.

I don't like sharing stuff that I'm into because it feels like: "look at all of this stuff I bought with money" (when I do it only). Sometimes I do share, and then I feel odd about it.

Friend Camp is really special because there are people that care about it and love it (and each other) a lot. It would not be nearly as special if it was just the shit-posting. The mix of tenderness/love and the goofiness/shit-posting is what makes it good.

If some simple safeguards/practices could help people feel safe investing as much time, energy, love and self into camp as they want, I think we should explore that.

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I don't mind blunt feedback and understand the desire to get right to the point — I myself suffer from sometimes taking the scenic route in order to (hopefully) spare someone's feelings. However, this just feels like... not a healthy way to collaborate with someone.

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Work, Feedback 

Got an email from the person who did the branding for a web project I'm designing and building. The subject line was simply: "I hate the avatar shape.". It's a subtly skewed circle.

I used to delete toots if I did an err but now I just leave them.

I’ve been thinking I was ultra rusty at drums but mostly I just needed to tighten my snare head and use use a different hi-hat stand (I have two for some reason). Now I’m still rusty but it sounds much better.

I bought a $120 board game I had never heard of because it looked cool. I’m a chump. Now I gotta convince some friends to dedicate many hours to it.

Wow, maybe my urge to not look like a chump in front of camp folks will be greater than my urge to have my clients think I am ALWAYS working.

Should I quit work early and play a video game?

Ellen’s telling me about clunch and now she will tell you about clunch.

I once snuck into a bar before I was 21 to play in a halo tournament called “Halo-a-go-go” in Omaha.

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