Threats, Jury Selection 

Had jury selection today and someone said “I’m going to kill her” referring to the judge. Needless to say, that person was not selected for the jury. I also was not selected, despite not even once threatening the judge.

Portland Food 

Just heard that Seastar Bakery and Handsome Pizza are closing. I’m so bummed by this. They were always massively underrated. This is a big loss for Portland.

I also pre-ordered a book by Kate Molleson called Sound Within Sound that talks about ten 20th century composers in which Emahoy is one.

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Found a great BBC radio documentary about Emahoy Tsegué-Mariam Guèbru. I just love her music so much so this was a treat to listen to.

Working on some Creature Towers for our yard. Still need to fill em with debris and other stuff bugs and birds like.

What movie should Ellen and I watch tonight?

Fridays are my favorite days now that Ellen and I try to not work on them.

Just realized the book I just pre-ordered is a GAME and not a HOW-TO. Ugh.

Sometimes I feel like we need a CW for our CWs.

Mothers, Illness, Death, Plants 

A few times a week I send my mom photos of flowers and plants we see on our hikes and walks. Ellen and I are working on turning our barren front yard into a lush forest of native plants. It makes me sad to think that my mom may never get to see it once the plants have matured in a year or two. And just that she may never get to see our new house or visit us in Portland again.

We'll know more later this week, but it's hard to stay optimistic.

My dad was watching The Addams Family when I was visiting the other day and this line caught our ear:

Super excited to see Advance Base play in Portland in a few weeks. Never did get to see CFTPA play.

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Reading the newest issue of Spagmag and it mentions one of my favorite bands.

The shirt reminds me of the heavy cast iron frog my dad has had since before I was born - and the replica I bought - and the tiny other replica I bought.

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Look at this tree. The folks in the photo wouldn’t get out of my photo.

Hey PDX friends! My niece is looking to move from Omaha to Portland soon (like... real soon I guess) and she is looking for a cheap but good/safe apartment. Have any tips?

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