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The inside of my brain is just a little marching band of preschoolers banging pots and pans together yelling “WHY CANT I DO ANYTHING I WANT” in unison, and it’s not going to change until quarantine ends

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Let’s call this thread:

Being an EMT in a Pandemic

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Because I’m weird, I’m going to start documenting all the various soap dispensers I encounter. Some of them raise a lot of questions.

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Testimonials about Courtney:

“I would trust Courtney to save my life.” — @bcj

very strong 80s look on the cover of Jane Wiedlin's (The Go-Go's) first solo album

(to two guards, one of whom always lies and the other always tells the truth) so uh which of you is the top

In the near future, Jordan Peterson will apply his 'order and chaos in balance" thing to a social problem and accidentally invent marxism wholecloth

starting a mastodon fork where the newest edition is always 1.0 and renumbering previous editions to make room


Guys, is it gay to burgeon? You be growing or developing rapidly 🤔☕️

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its interesting that people point specifically at communist governments criminalizing homosexuality as though these countries were a gay paradise before their respective revolutions

basically liberals look at the past 100 years, ignore everything before that and extrapolate incorrectly into the future

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[pointing at 80% of cyborg's entire body] top surgery scars

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animal genitalia on flags 

"In heraldry, the term pizzled (or vilené in French blazon) indicates the depiction or inclusion of an animate charge's genitalia, especially if colored (or "tinctured") differently.
The bear in the coat of arms of Appenzell is represented pizzled, and omission of this feature was seen as a grave insult. In 1579, the pizzle was forgotten by the printer of a calendar printed in Saint Gallen, which brought Appenzell to the brink of war with Saint Gallen."

alright i got my gamepad, what was that yall were playing, guilty gear?

A human 🤝 A person
being able to eat spaghetti

FYI If you want to find Twitch Streams without viewers, there's

It's mostly good to find obscure streamers, but also odd ones once in a while

I came across an actual cactus on a desk somewhere

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