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Testimonials about Courtney:

“I would trust Courtney to save my life.” — @bcj

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I saw someone refer to DUNKIRK as a masterpiece so I’m officially off twitter for the rest of the day.

its official Indigenous People's Day and I would just like to offer a hearty fuck you to Spain, England, the assorted royal families, the founding fathers of the USA, Amerikkka at large, White People, and Taco Bell 🎉

getting elected president, moving around a dial that says "laws" i dont look to the audience for approval. im a big boy

Haircut selfie, boosts welcome 

I tell you that i have read the art of war and that it taught me a lot about business.
you ask me "isn't that about pre-5th century chinese military tactics that essentially have no specific application to even modern warfare and are essentially just stories about war?"
i tell you a bunch of bullshit about how it teaches you to understand your enemy very well, my enemy's name is Dan Olberg, the guy at the dealership across the street whose shacking up with my wife. i am silent for 20 minutes

When an eyelash, evolved to protect your eye, falls INTO your eye? The greatest betrayal

video, might cause motion sickness? (i don't actually know if that's true?) 

I need some kind of smart filter that I can set up with "I am just trying to have a nice time on line" and it'll just filter all the salty garbage out of my home TL

come on pay a monthly subscription for access to the noise

“50 years ago, we started a program that has now fed millions of Americans, all because we put social theory into practice.”

The Black Panther Party's Free Breakfast Program: A 50-Year-Old Blueprint

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content 

giving a one star review to citizen kane because the main character was unsympathetic and i wouldn't want to be friends with him

I think the last time I was so thoroughly charmed by a game was the original Costume Quest

They could make a new DLC level for Untitled Goose Game at like $5 a pop every 6-12 months for the rest of my life and I would buy them all with a song in my heart

My take on goose from goose game is if the townspeople would just include them they wouldnt be causing problems

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