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What planet is in what house and how can I blame it for my posts today.

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Let’s call this thread:

Being an EMT in a Pandemic

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Because I’m weird, I’m going to start documenting all the various soap dispensers I encounter. Some of them raise a lot of questions.

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Testimonials about Courtney:

“I would trust Courtney to save my life.” — @bcj

Some photos come easy , some not so much.. Nugget point is a spectacular area with a great lighthouse but its quite out of the way

I spent a long weekend camping close by and visiting every morning and evening sat on a cliff edge waiting for good light, wind, rain, 200m drop just to my right

Glad to say this time it paid off!

#PhotoMonday #Aotearoa #nz #Photography #Nature #naturephotography #LandscapePhotography #NewZealand #LongExposure #

Just a shocking number of people don’t even know the 2022 bivalent boosters •exist•.

Folks, there are newly formulated vaccines as of this fall.

If you got your last before Sep / very late Aug, you should get a new booster.

It’s available for kids 5 and up.

It’s free.

It will protect you ••much•• better against the newest variants, which are hospitalizing people en masse.

Tell your less-online-than-you family, friends, neighbors. Publicity has been terrible. #covid

there are hundreds of web sites, even more some say

how many trans people does it take to change a lightbulb?

just one, but they need the signoff of three therapists and a doctor to confirm that the room is dark and should have it's light changed

Just in case you're wondering, the fight against authorizing the use of deadly force via robots by the SFPD isn't over yet. There is one vote left before the policy becomes effective. If you live in SF, you can use this Action Alert to tell your Supervisor to vote "no."

If rail workers do end up engaging in a wildcat or otherwise illegal strike, PLEASE remember that strikes are meant to be disruptive. If you see someone talking about the rail strike and how it's having such a huge impact, say things like "Yeah, it's crazy how much of our economy relies on them. That's why they deserve good health care."

Don't give in to anti-labour rhetoric. Combat false narratives. Solidarity Forever.

Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries. - Anne Herbert

Ugh, how embarrassing. The detective who suspects me of murder told me not to leave town and I said "you too" back.

Cats do it
Dogs do it
Even educated hogs do it
Let's do it
Let's sleep most of the day

Bidrsite Poll 

What's your current relationship with the birdsite?

Reminder: A major reason business implicitly supports ageism outside of executives is because young people are easier to exploit.

I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote.

getting emails that say "it's giving tuesday" and i'm looking around on tuesday like damn it really is

the one weird trick that made writing alt text on this website click for me 

imagine a world where you're calling your friend on the telephone, and you want to share this image with them! just type what you'd say to your friend about it.

we just had a lovely chat with someone who came in after months of worrying that they're not "enough" to be here

queer "enough"
jewish "enough"
leftist "enough"

we want to be clear: EVERYONE is welcome here!

the only exceptions are police & TERFs, who can get tae fuck 🚮

photo CW: food pic

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