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What planet is in what house and how can I blame it for my posts today.

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The inside of my brain is just a little marching band of preschoolers banging pots and pans together yelling “WHY CANT I DO ANYTHING I WANT” in unison, and it’s not going to change until quarantine ends

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Because I’m weird, I’m going to start documenting all the various soap dispensers I encounter. Some of them raise a lot of questions.

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Testimonials about Courtney:

“I would trust Courtney to save my life.” — @bcj

Chuckling to myself as I remember the phrase "intellectual dark web"

Aaaaaah fuck me, not-at-all-happy anniversary to this post, gosh I wish I could unpin it. Quarantine is technically over but the pandemic is relentless.

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In Peter Damian's Book of Gomorrha (c. 1050), the most comprehensive and explicit condemnation of sodomy of the European Middle Ages, the author complains in particular about two priests who had sex and then confessed to each other.

What planet is in what house and how can I blame it for my posts today.

i maintain that mori fashion is better than cottagecore and doesn't have the same penchant for attracting white supremacist tradwives, because instead of harkening to some little house on the prairie life it's more like you're a little androgynous fairy in clunky boots in your mushroom house

lashing out with violence because of my material conditions (i have rabies)

Here's the vagina dentata porn, featuring spider boy and venus fly trap girl.

cw for all the things i mentioned

#nsfw #art

my grandma: "yeah so my friend who works at Nellis air force base..."

me: "holy shit just like in new vegas"

@pizza I'm gona blow your mind with this one, but did you know they made the strip from New Vegas in real life??

anyone who is doing NFTs or shitcoins, is a climate change accelerationist

I'm floored, because DuoLingo launched a beta for Navajo!

It's honestly making me a little emotional, because my family never inherited our ancestral language. My grandfather's generation were taken from their families and forced into indian boarding schools where they beat you for practicing your culture.

Seeing an indigenous language preserved in a mainstream tool is incredible.

blue haven motor court cabin, view 2, route 1, saco, maine, 1984

PDX cops murder yet another person, live stream 

The Portland police just shot and killed yet another person, this time a man experiencing a mental health crisis (based on initial eye witness reports). It sounds like he was complying with police and then they shot him. At least one witness reported that they waited for him to die before calling an ambulance.

If you’re local, it’s at Lents Park, 92nd and Holgate. People are gathering now, there’s a streamer here:

are you an indie bisexual or a field recordings of trains bisexual

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