this year I'm really gonna play two 60+ hour JRPGs where your character is a teacher at a military school in a fantasy world

@danbruno 60+ hours seems extremely conservative

@courtney Yeah you’re probably right 😂 I did “finish” Fire Emblem at ~60 hours, but I got those other routes to do!


@danbruno what did you start with? Who did you wife?

@courtney Black Eagles and Edelgard! I’m now a tiny bit into a Blue Lions run but I’ll probably have to drop it soon to power through those Trails fan translations that I’m sure Darius is playing right now

@danbruno oh dang I’ll be there you had a v different game! I’m doing blue lions right now and it’s like, dark trauma house.

@courtney Yeah Dimitri seems like he’s seen some shit! I’m excited to see how the each faction gets framed as the protagonists when you play as them, because my starting position here is “Edelgard was right,” hah

@danbruno oh I totally agree, I wish I could join her. Dimitri seems to struggle a lot with the shit the kingdom requires of him, but also he’s got the old PTSD and can be kind of...intense

@danbruno I thought I was getting an enthusiastic good boy and instead he’s like [stares into camera] “I would murder anyone you asked me to”

@courtney I’m still in the first half with his house, but every chapter the mask is slipping a little more 😬😬😬

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