APPARENTLY the math on this requires the solar panels to amortize fully over an assumed 20-year lifespan, but they're currently averaging about 8 years? is cheaper in a fuzzy-math way.

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Oh wait no I was wrong, it's not the solar panels that are lasting 8 years, it's...the companies themselves.

“There’s also the fact that companies just can’t be bothered a lot of the time – there are roofs all over Europe where solar could probably save money, but people are not jumping to do it.” CAPITALISM 💀​

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I love how "the more solar we build, the cheaper it gets, which dis-incentivizes building solar because companies want to wait until it gets even cheaper" is why we're not all on solar power.

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@courtney ugh our roof needs replacing and i really want solar panelssss

@ellen SAME! I imagine our roof will probably be dealt with in...5 years, after the pipes, the rest of the windows, repainting, and redoing the kitchen. Ugh, houses.

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