I get the impression some folks think that butts are there to like... personally attack them, as if I know what hellsite is and have control over how they display our content.

The woof.group content-warning norms are already a carefully-chosen compromise in deference to a fediverse which is--let's be honest--conservative beyond the wildest dreams of Anita Bryant. Of course local norms and personal expectations vary, and that's okay! What I don't know is how to handle those subculture boundaries

Like as an admin here I could suspend federation with hellsite, but that feels silly: some of them *want* our posts! Hellsite's admins can mark woof.group content as sensitive--which is IMO entirely reasonable--but users who file remote reports like this are explicitly asking for more than that: they want our participation in enforcing their norms. Is that reasonable? Probably for some classes of content, but like... you can see people wearing only jockstraps on public sidewalks in SF and Berlin

I mean, heck, you'll see people wearing just little penis sleeves on the street corner in SF, or totally nude at the beach in Chicago on any given weekend, but hey, we get to make our communities what we want! Just tricky when they collide, ya know?


@aphyr have you considered using Hometown? That would give the flexibility to post things federated or not, or just to followers only, I think?

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@courtney Yeah, I have--in particular I think it'd be helpful for mod talk and community polling. OTOH, like... fair number of folks on other instances want my lewds!

@courtney @aphyr another option might be auto-cw’ing of posts that get federated: on the instance they’re clear, but only other instances get the post with the “sensitive” tag attached. I think there’s a cooking-related instance that runs with this patch.

@antifuchs @courtney @aphyr I believe kitch.win does that, per the precedent established by toomanycooks.social (RIP 🥲)

@gnomon @antifuchs @aphyr oh that’s a really cool feature! Now bringing in @darius to request it for consideration for Hometown.

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