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Time for another biased poll.

Do you know what CC and BCC stand for in eMail without having to look it up?

I would appreciate it if you boosted this toot. :-)

this is the kind of visualization I wish had been around for the past year but also having green-with-mask/yellow-with-mask/red-with-mask all coexist seems needlessly confusing





@RussellsBarbershopQuartet there's graffiti IN POMPEII that we found that says stuff like "hey dude stop eating pussy up against the city walls you fucking creep"

It was a resort town, known for drinking and brothels. It was an incredibly horny place. Maybe even more so than average

covid vaccine 

glad that scheduling and getting my first shot was simple enough, but mildly unenthused that being a Moderna recipient means that once I die I will become a servant to a Pfizer vaccine receiver in the afterlife.

also it's funny bc americans usually say "japanese anime is not just for kids" even though really most of are, apart from the few that air at 2am. it seems more an indication of what each country thinks kids are able to handle

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someone on korean twitter said "don't assume american cartoons are for kids. all the main characters have some kind of heavy mental trauma that they have to get through and mature"

it does seem to be a trend lately, millennial creators decided there was a dearth of kids media that deals with emotional health, and are writing for their past selves


so this covid risk calculator is actually really well done. it's extensively thought-out, based on actual science, considers where you live and current data in making its calculations, and you can read a very accessible, thorough explanation of their reasoning:

i'm finding it very helpful in this time of "reopening propaganda" which is coming from everywhere in the US, it seems.

Thinking about Rojava as a model for US police abolition and what it would be like to have an armed volunteer civil protection force in this suburban neighborhood where only 3% of residents are Black and Trump banners fly on almost every lawn.

@lennie found out that most three year olds are anti-vaxxers
just, completelyb uninterested in the science

LA is piloting a new program for a sanctioned encampment where people can sleep in tents in squares in a parking lot with access to bathrooms and trash.

It costs $2600 person.

That’s enough for not one but two bedrooms even in the “nicer” parts of LA.


Take my leaves, America! take them South, and take them North!
Make welcome for them everywhere, for they are your own offspring;
Surround them, East and West! for they would surround you;
And you precedents! connect lovingly with them, for they connect lovingly
with you.
I conned old times;

Virgin unorganized brain worker vs. the chad organized manual worker.

man (at the doctors): Doc I'm depressed

doctor (typing "clowns in town that can cure depression" into the search bar)

a dog 🤝 people with a place to live
being able to come home

happy lesbian visibility day only to lesbians who don't have weird hangups about labels or form unhealthy exclusionary cliques

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