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I made some stickers!
Anybody want one?

I'll send you one for free if you promise to stick it somewhere cool and send me a picture. Let's start with the first five people to respond!

hundreds of thousands of people are in jail from selling weed but the sackler family who owns purdue pharmaceuticals and engineered the opioid addictions of hundreds of thousands of people are probably going to get immunity from lawsuits. lol

decoder ring for every article about china that will be written for the next decade 

the chinese government [is doing something good] - but what if it's too good? various Freedom Experts worry that the chinese government is [doing good thing] in order to make people like them more, which is bad because they are commies

decoder ring for every article about china that will be written for the next decade 

US officials worry that [doing the functions that successful governments are supposed to do and have done for thousands of years] is a sign of the communist party's social control over the nation

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r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

Felt like this belonged here - Alex Hirsch on corporate pride

@Aleums So glad the missile targeting systems recognize my gender 🌈 finally some equity

This month, allies can help the cause by either giving money to queer people or by coming out themselves

brb googling "is the Lockheed Martin F-35 a 'disaster bisexual?'"

Lego Fellini's 8 1/2
Lego Citizen Kane
Lego The Thin Red Line
Lego Ken Burns' Civil War
Lego Naked Lunch
Lego The Cremaster Cycle

if you're curious what mike pinkerton is up to nowadays he's on the chrome team now


if you ever feel bad about putting off UI enhancements in your app: Firefox 89 is out today, with native context menus!

using native context menus was first requested… 22 YEARS ago

(this comment on the bug is just… perfect)



If you're super ashamed of being queer and you're one of those types that's going to constantly squeal about how it's impossible to find "a normal guy" and how everyone else needs to pipe down, it's ok for you, specifically, to stay home from pride, that's fine. Nobody's demanding you go to pride. Actually it would be pretty cool if you, specifically, did not go to pride at all. Thanks πŸ™‚

As for me, (torn, stormy, even as I, amid these vehement days;)
I have the idea of all, and am all, and believe in all;
I believe materialism is true, and spiritualism is trueβ€”I reject no part.
Have I forgotten any part?
Come to me, whoever and whatever, till I give you recognition.
I respect Assyria, China, Teutonia, and the Hebrews;
I adopt each theory, myth, god, and demi-god;

Not Another Coming Out Story, in the same style as Not Another Teen Movie

a striking photo of the wild bank building donning its summer coat. its bright coloration conceals its predatory nature; individuals of the genus Argentarius are sessile carnivores like pitcher plants or venus flytraps but preferring large mammalian prey. this "pride-coat" is a recent adaptation, widespread but contained to specific urban microbiomes where the twin pressures of gentrification and hegemonic assimilation are strongest. while this makes the biomes even more riotously colorful than usual, the corporations within are no less dangerous than the rest of the year - they have merely camouflaged themselves to better mimic the world around them!

sorry to tell you but way more line cooks died for your freedom this year than soldiers ever did

β€œNo kink at Pride? But Chase bank publicly fucks me every year!” I quip as I am dragged to horny jail*

*actual jail, but with a rainbow flag

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