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two things that really chill me out and pacify me are bread and circuses

SOMEONE has gotta be clinking their champagne glasses about the fact that they made the unemployment benefits run out on labor day

a strike is just group nonconsensual findomming of your boss. and that's why it's not woke


Then courage! revolter! revoltress!
For till all ceases neither must you cease.

something deeply destructive about the way so many people in western nations have been conned into thinking that politics is when you vote

Never ask your boss if they’d like more detailed reporting

Bullshit Instagram product of the day 

“Muscle Brush” — a set of sponge and scrubber drill attachments that let you use power tools to clean your shower, stove top, counters, and all sorts of other places that *really do not require a drill I promise*.

It is not to diffuse you that you were born of your mother and father—it
is to identify you;
It is not that you should be undecided, but that you should
be decided;
Something long preparing and formless is arrived and formed in you,

sure noticing a bunch of fly-by-night “banks” operating under existing bank charters lately, which only offer a prepaid visa card and a savings app and no other banking services

*White rapper*
Hey, ho/
I'm entitled to rap because I've been poor/
Grocery outlet was my grocery store/
My rhymes are sick and they'll give you the chills/
My parents paid all of my tuition bills/
My rise to fame has been all a blur/
Especially when I tweeted a slur/

increasingly i'm just like, what the fuck is the point of any of this society bullshit if people cant even sleep in a warm bed or eat a hot meal every night

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Imagine being the point guard on a high school basketball team. You just turned 17 and you're really starting to develop a skill set that's special to you. Maybe you're pretty good and your team gets into the state tournament. You go out there, ready to show your best to the college scouts. Even if you don't get into your school of choice, there is a scholarship waiting for you as long as you don't embarrass yourself. Then you get out onto the court and get absolutely posterized by Air Bud

kidposting, anti-harassment education 

While out on a walk Tater wanted to follow a girl about his age, something he tried to do a few times before. My husband told him gently but firmly that he couldn't follow children he didn't know; he should get to know them and find out if they could and wanted to play. Tater cried for a bit, then went to play with dirt and was fine.

Don't teach children how not to be harassed. (Do teach them to ask for help and help them feel safe talking to you, of course.) Teach them about the importance of respect and consent, and this will help them know their own boundaries and comfort level, too.

and you tell me the city of Brussels sprouted this?

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