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thrown for a loop how so many big tech company people are trying out mastodon for the first time these past two weeks and have post histories that read:

"ok gonna give this a try, this is weird and i dont like it"

"im not happy about this but im forced to admit im enjoying this its a breath of fresh air"

"im starting to realise how much twitter was destroying my ability to interact with people"

"ok heres my twelve toot plan on how mastodon should introduce algorithms and become twitter 2"

I can't help but notice many toots from helpful newbies encouraging you to support the Mastodon Patreon.

It's fine to do that but understand it goes to just two big instances and the official Mastodon dev team.

It does NOT trickle down to YOUR instance. If you want to support your server, donate to it directly. Nearly all the costs of the explosive growth of the past few weeks is borne by local instances.

Mastodon is decentralized. There is no Mastodon Inc. This is not Twitter.

My bot @businessman_exe is back up and running! Mastodon may not be LinkedIn, but we can still have some businessmen, as a treat

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hamlet was a short king. you can tell, it's in the name

Maybe you all know this already but twitter allowed academics who are otherwise marginalised by white, male hieracrchies to enjoy reach and visibility. (Yes, I count myself as a beneficiary here).

For many who have 'odd' names that don't get cited as much, or people who cannot travel to present talks easily, or are not invited as often or speak in unfamiliar accents, it was a chance to let their work and message speak for itself.

We'll need to reclaim that possibility for everyone. #Academic

fwiw if you are a person who has gotten over the need to have push notifications for social media (which is a virtue imo) using the web interface of Mastodon (I’m on 3.x, so I guess I can’t speak for 4) is my preferred way to use it! You can “add to home screen” on iOS and it basically acts like an app. Some of the native apps are nice enough but it’s also nice to just keep things simple!

Local TDOR event canceled because yet another bomb threat against Boston Children's in combination with the Colorado shooting. I'm absolutely furious that we aren't even allow to grieve together safely.

My newest game IS OUT.

The Barnacle Goose Experiment
is an abiogensis body horror idle clicker where you play as a researcher in a biodome tasked with generating a world out of their own body.

Music from Ben Babbitt, halina heron, Geotic, Adobo, Jún, Smokey Emery, Sadurn, Zac Traeger, SamanthaZero, and Eli Rainsbury and supported in part by Arts Council England.

Play it free in the browser now -

TDoR, club Q shooting 

our hearts are especially with Club Q in colorado springs, a queer club where, last night, a gunman murdered 5 people and injured 18. we note that it was the community in the club that bravely stopped the gunman

love & solidarity from glasgow 💔

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we (trans) hope you (trans) have had a peaceful, restful, meaningful TDoR

there's no single right way to mourn and you're not obliged to do anything at all. just surviving as a trans person is plenty

to all who organized vigils, protests, or otherwise held community space for us to collectively reflect and mourn and demand better: thank you, and please make sure you're taking time to rest too 💗

they put a christmas sweater on the t-rex at the national history museum in london and it's ridiculous and adorable

Orion is sending back self-portraits on its journey to the moon. Quote from my kid who works at Orion: “I tested everything in the picture including the camera that took it.”

Interesting, challenging post about the Jewish concept of “Lashon Hara.” An invitation to be mindful about saying negative true things about people.

gandalf... yes... that was what they used to call me...
(smiles sagely)
*i* am

@jomc taking this opportunity to plug my friend Andrew’s anti-capitalist bookshop, Massive Bookshop, which donates all its proceeds to bail funds:

I hate how expensive book are and my own personal library is like 1/5 things i found in Harvard Book Store's remainder basement so i'm happy to share this news that hundreds of copies are available for cheap rn

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