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I've posted it a little early because I'm excited but here is my reading and analysis of RFC-1, the very first official Request for Comments document and an important piece of internet history.

I'm doing one of these a day for a year. You can follow along at @365-rfcs. I'll only be posting the really noteworthy ones on this account.

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A while back I built a site that converts RSS feeds to ActivityPub actors that you can subscribe to from Mastodon and other ActivityPub-compliant social networks:

I've now also published the source code:

*slaps roof of vulva* this bad boy can fit so many vestibule of the vaginas in it

Yesterday I spent two hours debugging a program only to realize I wasn't actually... running the most critical part of the code. My program was basically:

important function:
set everything up to do the thing
now we are going do the thing
[literally just don't even have the code in here for doing the thing]
yay we did the the thing

Turns out it doesn't matter how good your code is if you don't execute it

Happy 2019! Dat Receives Two New Grants

Dat Project ended 2018 with a bang, receiving two grants before year's end! Dat received $100k from Handshake and $70k fromSamsung NEXT Stack Zero.

Both of these grants support Dat Project generally, which is very welcome for the community. We've identified, with the help of our community, these priorities

One of my favorite ways to write a computer program is to write in plain english outline form what it's going to do, paste those notes into my code as comments, and then fill in the space in between them. Especially good for a project where I'm working piecemeal over multiple days, it's very easy to come back and pick up where I left off.

"Signal v Noise exits Medium" by DHH

Kudos to SvN for trying something brave here. Especially the bit about lessening their dependence on Twitter as well as Medium.

I spend a lot of time on the quiet study floors of libraries and my working theory is: queer people try their hardest to respect the quiet floor rules and straight people just make a lot of noise and don't care

RFC-15 is an important one: it's the initial proposal for Telnet! The first version of this program was written in late 1969 and it's a tool that I still occasionally use today, which is really amazing when you think about it.

You can follow along with my series commenting on the first 365 RFCs here @365-rfcs

Some really wonderful women who I've had the privilege of working with are interviewed in the New York Times. They run a group called and it's about eschewing the venture capital grow-or-die model of running a business. While I'm more about worked-owned coops, I think "the dazzle" (as they call themselves, aka a group of zebras) does valuable work.

Their podcast (which I produced):

The Pinkertons suing Rockstar is wild ‘cause you’d think their common hatred of organized labour would have brought them together

The Golden Kamuy anime is...good. The animation is sometimes a little eh but the story, as Darius put it, is “like Japanese Deadwood”. Everyone on this show is tough as nails to a degree that I can barely comprehend.

I should learn Perl so I can have a file called "" which just outputs one of those two strings at random

stately pl

1) easure dome decree
2) ump Buck Mulligan


Every year for the last eight years I have collected my ‘favorite sounds of the year.’ I make a note when something sticks out to me as I’m listening to music, and at the end of year I isolate the sounds from their songs and string them all together. Here’s twelve minutes of my 68 favorite sounds from 2018, fully annotated:

The Future of the Music Business Includes CD-ROM

oh, i'm a "dillweed"? well joke's on you, fucko, i'm making tzatziki later so i guess you basically just called me "essential to the dish." which is a compliment in my mind, so thank you. bitch.

I ran into a dolphin from an old, old land. It said...

It is 6:15pm on a Saturday. I just woke up from an hour-long nap. I'm making dinner. After dinner, should I

1) leave the house and idk, go play pinball at a bar
2) play more Dragon Quest XI, a game that I don't love but I definitely like

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