Hello! My talk from CornCon 2018 is now online. It is called "The history of cron" and is given in the character of a man who gradually realizes he is not speaking at CronCon, a conference about the UNIX time-based scheduling software, but rather at CornCon, a conference about the popular grain known as "maize" in many parts of the world.


This is a useful playlist I made and since it's the start of the semester I'll put it back out there. (Now including some new stuff recommended by @rich_lem !) If you need something gently non-melodic to occupy the audio part of your brain that otherwise sings earworms to you all day long, this is helpful. open.spotify.com/playlist/2Gdf

Also, here's a crash course in using regedit:

1) Don't blindly follow a video or blog post or open a .reg file if you're not 100% sure what it does
2) If you ignored 1), and stuff starts breaking in the next 6 months, REMEMBER that you messed with system stuff, and revert that.

The reverberation of a seminal linguistic function is pernicious in its ability to amuse the audience.

I ran into a tourist from an old land,
Who said—"Two vast and untop'd shins of rock
Stand in sand… not far away,
Half sunk a smash-up mask sits;
Its frown and snarl of cold command
Show its sculptor was good at portraying passions
Which stay on in rocky form,
Hand mocking, soul taking;
And on its plinth, this:
I am Ozymandias, King of Kings;
Look on my Works, o Mighty, and cry out!
Nothing past this to find. Round this colossal Carcass, to all horizons
Span flat sands without occupation."

Two things that I witnessed in one evening: a presentation on the UNIX utility `cron` and someone setting themselves on fire

sext: you quietly add oil to your base liquid while i leave my marinade in the mixing bowl or pour it into my large zipper-lock plastic bag

Also featuring a dry corn sandbox and wet corn wrestling

Princess Toadstool:

1. Monarch of Mushroom Kingdom, but not a mushroom person.

2. Apparent monarch, but princess rather than queen?

3. Frequently abducted, effectively out of power at those intervals.

4. Toad and other mushroom people generally primary sources of information on abduction and rescue efforts.

5. Toadstool. Toad-stool? No, Toad's tool.

The princess is a paper monarch, Toad is the de facto ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, has her "kidnapped" to get state business accomplished.

@darius wow can’t believe how aMAIZE this will be 🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽🌽

Portlanders! I'm speaking at CornCon tonight at 8:15! Many other cool things will be happening including Diana Jared performing corn marriages (presumably if you like corn so much you want to marry it) and Corn, the Korn cover band! DM me for info if you wanna come (suggested $7 cover, profits go to charity)

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wrote in my thesis a disclaimer about omitting many non-English bots, and now feel compelled to tackle that, starting with my 2nd language, Spanish.
Im now looking at the great work of J_E_D (Juan) from Argentina. For instance a bot that calculates the percentage of female journalists across major Argentine papers each day ( abt 15-20% most days). And the before-and-after bot of registered demolitions in Buenos Aires. It reveals criminal heritage destruction, i.e.: twitter.com/DemoliendoBA/statu

Queer Eye but it's five grandpas remembing everything

"Announcing The Dat Anacapa Container"
"which enables reproducibility of research environment and data across campuses"


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