Hey I can finally announce that in September I'm going to be a Mozilla Open Web Fellow! I'll be working with Code for Science & Society, focused on weirding up the decentralized web. I love stuff like Mastodon, obviously, but I think the decentralized web can be more interesting and mind blowing than "big tech we already know, but decentralized".

@darius awesome! I can't think of a better person for this fellowship 🤖❤️🤖

@darius not before there's some kind of standard for networked identity management

@darius congrats, this is great news! Can't wait to see what you make - i'm sure, knowing you, it'll be more than one thing :hotboi: 📜

@darius This is awesome, congratulations! I’m really excited to see what you come up with.

@darius Holy smokes, congrats. That's great news.

@darius Congrats from a 2017 Open Web Fellow!

You're gonna enjoy the fellowship experience for the next 10 months, I can guarantee you that.

If you want some guidelines of how to make the best of it, do let me know. :)

@r3bl @darius lol tell me too (first time host org) 👋🏼

i have a lot of learning to do but in the meantime that sounds damn saucy, congrats 🖖

@darius congrats -- I can't wait to see what you get up to!


How many corporate sponsors? Which corps and how much did they pay?

YES! I enjoy your work and can't wait to see (get involved in?) whatever you come up with.

@darius congrats! This is a great news boh for you and the Web!
I can't wait to see what will come out of this.


That's effin awesome, Darius! Congrats to you for getting this gig, and to all of us for getting a great Fellow with such a great mission.

@darius Yaaaaaay! I wish you the absolute best, and also you might want to keep an eye on the stipend drops, they're not v good at accounting. <3

@darius Holy crap, congrats and welcome aboard! I work at Mozilla and this makes me happy!

@darius Awesome! I've been thinking about this a lot. Will you be posting updates?

@darius wow, that's great! congrats - and very much agree with your view of the decentralized web!

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