A while back I built a site that converts RSS feeds to ActivityPub actors that you can subscribe to from Mastodon and other ActivityPub-compliant social networks:

I've now also published the source code:

@neauoire @darius strange I just loaded it again and now it works. Must have had a hiccup.

@darius that's excellent! Thank you. Will try and use it on the back-end of my feed reader to create curated AP streams.

@lars the issue is that it's not the RSS feed, this link is the RSS feed:

(you need to replace "text" in the URL with "rss")

@darius thank you. @pinpopular works now. I must have missed the text in the URL while on mobile.

@drequivalent I refuse to make my tools seem any less janky than they really are!

@darius is there any way to delete a feed? I wasn't sure what the 'username' field was when I created my first one and used mine :(

@jdarnold nope, but I could change it in the DB if you want

@darius that would be cool - can you change it to "crooks_and_liars"?

@jdarnold can you tell me the name you used instead? or the feed URL? (I need to find it in the DB to change it)

@darius Wonderful, thank you! Have you considered pulling the site favicons as avatars for the bot accounts?

@sluglife I already pull the image associated with the feed (see @flash_forward as an example). I suppose I could fall back to the favicon if no image is described in the feed metadata

@darius @sluglife This is great! Will existing feeds get the favicon failback or only new feeds?

@ryandaniels @sluglife only new feeds. I might write a script to refresh everything when I get around to it

@darius really nice tool :) Any way to undo the creation of a 'user' though? I originally thought you could put multiple RSS feeds under a single user, so I used my own username, rather than something that actually represents the actual feed. :)

@darius hi Darius, that's the fantastic tool I've looking for months. Thank you for it! But as one of feasture requests, if you want call it differently, it would be amazing if editing or deleting could be implemented. I can imagine mistakes might appear, and if you're the only Master who can manually fix those in DB... that may be a workload for you. Or you simply deny all those requests, but still... you know. Thank you anyway! 👍

@vanyok yeah I don't want to support editing or deleting. for example, if you create an account for feed X, and I start to follow it, what happens if you delete it? Do I get a notification? etc. basically I think that as long as the rss feed is around, the AP account should be around

@darius true, as it's a public service... fine then!

Thanks! Enjoy your day!

@darius Wait, are you saying that I can follow all my webcomics and podcasts from Mastodon now? This is AMAZING news!

Thank you!

@darius Aaaah the webcomic I added is showing up in my timeline today and I'm so happy. Thank you again!

Is there any way to give it custom icons, etc? <3

@adeptomega it uses whatever icon the rss feed has defined! if the feed doesn't have an icon in it then it'll just be the default.


I use for my website, allowing all my web pages to be plain-text. I was already thinking of changing my webhost so I could have the Markdown source documents exist within Gopherspace, but now...

Ikiwiki makes it super easy to have RSS/Atom feeds of arbitrary groups of pages. With this, I could simultaneously post to Mastodon in a way that isn't needlessly noisy.

@yam655 I'm so glad to hear that. Use cases like yours are why I made this tool.

@melissasage thank you! I really really want the internet to not suck

@darius Hi, this is great. Do you have a list of feeds that are already converted so we don't make duplicates ?

@yisraeldov No, for privacy purposes. But if you make a duplicate it will point you to the existing account.

@darius cool stuff!
So it will use a differnt name than the specified one.

@yisraeldov Yeah, it will use whatever name it was first given

@darius Thank you! I've just added a few blogs I follow using it.

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