Hey did you know that I do a podcast with @deerful where we talk about our obsessions? Well we just kicked off Season 2 with an episode about Fourier transforms, a mathematical concept that is apparently really hard to teach well. This does not stop me from trying to teach Emma in 25 minutes.

@darius @deerful i was just thinking yesterday about how nice your podcast is and wondering when there'd be another one!

@darius @deerful On the brown note discussion my thought was, "If it WAS true it'd be really convenient. Just play this note and no more constipation."

@darius @deerful i was just playing y'all's podcast about ixi lang not two hours ago and hoping you all would do a 2nd batch!

@darius @deerful I dunno, I thought "Fourier transforms are a maths thing" was pretty succinct :P

@darius @deerful didnt know you did a podcast! downloading the bots episode now to listen to while driving through a snow storm in new mexico

@darius @deerful The closest I ever got in an elevator pitch is "you know spectrum analyzers on 90s stereos? That, but you have to supply the signal"

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