It seems Plume 0.2.0, which is the only release and the only version I can find hosted anywhere, doesn't even seem to be acknowledging follow requests from instances. Plume itself seems to understand that I have followed it from Mastodon, but it doesn't deliver new posts to my Mastodon inbox (aka home timeline)

Pterotype, a plugin that integrates WordPress with ActivityPub, is explicitly in beta and I'd have to sign up and link them to my blog (which doesn't exist yet) to even try it.


I think I'm... going to... have to write my own simple federated blogging system that publishes full `Article` activities and actually correctly handles follows using my ExpressJS ActivityPub server as a starting place.

But! I want to to start this blog on Jan 1 and there's no way I'm writing that software in a day so. I think for now I'll do a "normal" blog and convert the RSS to ActivityPub with my converter software

I suppose I could also fork WriteFreely (the FOSS version of and force it to publish the way I want it to!

I will say this much: immense props to Plume for providing a way for me to delete my account/blog! does not offer this as far as I can tell

@darius I think that's a more "decentralized" approach. ✊

@darius a plugin for jekyll to push out changes via activitypub might be interesting.

@skryking AP requires an active server at all times to negotiate messages, so it doesn't really make sense to integrate with a static site generator

@darius true, I didn't give it enough thought to that.

@darius Out of curiosity, what is the advantage of Article activities over RSS feeds?

@tsturm I mean that's pretty much my starter kit's whole deal so yeah!

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