New episode of Too Much Not Enough! @deerful and I talk about mobile music production, aka making songs on your phone and other portable computer devices!

@darius @deerful Am a little bit low on the ol' time to listen thru to this right now, but the couple of links mentioned in the description are a lil old and talk about android having issues with things like latency this still the case with current versions of droid? thought id ask since i can't easily get onto ios for cost reasons myself

@pupy @deerful
new high end Android phones don't have latency issues but that's still only a small percentage of actual phones people use (my phone works just fine)

@darius @deerful hrm. not ideal then. ill hedge my bets and look into me choices and that but otherwise it doesnt seem like its gonna be my scene unfortunately :(

@darius @deerful painful to think that a beginner friendly entry point to making music is locked away behind the most expensive phone platform on the market tbqh

@pupy @darius also yeah I get somewhat aerated about this on the podcast, it’s maddening. pretty sure my SE is gonna be my last iOS device even though a good 50% of my music is made on it, they just get more and more prohibitively expensive

@deerful @darius while im at it, do you have any good advice for like... attempting to pick up or "get" making music? sorry for how awkward that question is but ive been trying to figure it out for the past 3 or so years and every time i end up hitting a roadblock not too long after loading up an app bc im kind of directionless with it entirely

feels kinda like i get overwhelmed by it even with the simpler stuff like pixitracker, yknow?

@deerful @darius like idk if i need to look into music theory or if i need to watch/read more tutorials and guides or something but every time it just feels like a bit of a lost cause. which is shit because its something i REALLY want to do bc music is probably the most important thing in life to me outside of partners and friends etc

@pupy @darius not awkward at all and totally understandable, I will have a think about this and get back to you if that’s ok?

I think certain types of interface design make getting around the overwhelm easier, for me, but what I find helpful is possibly not the same as what someone else would.

@deerful @darius oh! sure thing! thank you for helping, i really appreciate it 💜

@pupy @deerful yeah for me I just try as many different user interfaces as possible and 90% of them I bounce off hard occasionally one just "feels right" and I make music with that

@darius @deerful unfortunately at this point with how many ive attempted to get with, it feels as if every user interface is not for me x-x

@darius @deerful i think one recent one i got with somewhat easily was korg gadget but thats only available on the expensive computers/phones i cant afford and the expensive games console i dont want/cant afford.....eghh

@pupy @deerful I mean I've personally released a total of *checks* zero albums even though I try to make music pretty regularly so, I feel you

@darius @deerful ive managed to get out two, one is this weird noisy mess that was primarily me dicking about with sine waves in a program called audiomulch and the other is a vague excuse of a vaporwave album that inexplicably has a guy fieri theme to it

im better at creating concepts for albums w/ the art and titles than i am at actually creating them lmao

@darius @deerful case in point on the "creating concepts" part; i've had an album art and title ready to be used since about 2013 that ive never been able to actually utilize much to my despair

@darius @pupy @pupy I have not managed to find figures for audio latency on the newest OSes although I think it is meant to be overall better, but the biggest issue is there still isn’t much of a music app ecosystem to speak of because the latency issues were so widespread for so long. there are still a few gems in the play store though. Caustic apparently runs decently even on a kindle fire though I haven’t tested myself.

@darius @pupy basically anything you can sequence rather than playing live (which I thiiiiink is true for all the cross platform apps I’ve put in the links list) is going to be way more usable in the presence of latency, though I’m not sure how smooth or otherwise using it will feel in practice.

@darius @deerful hey 2 things: 1) the publish date on this in the RSS is Jan 4 2018 so it might not show up for some people 2) i've been catching up on my backlog of podcasts and really enjoying this! the fourier transform episode was great

@muffinista thaaaanks! ^__^ I do not know if me changing the date will break anything so will wait for @darius to see this

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