I would like to learn to fluently read rot13 so that I can be spoiled for things more easily.

@darius this definitely starts to happen if you consume enough of it—i don't think anyone has gotten beyond the level of "recognizes common words/names" but i bet someone could get pretty far if they really applied themselves to the task

@darius Ur unq orra qrnq fvapr gur ortvaavat bs gur svyz.

@darius (Be, vs lbh cersre, V unir qbar guvf naq pnaabg erpbzzreaq vg. Fbeel sbe glcbf; nhgbpbeerpg qbrfa'g unaqyr guvf jryy.)

@darius One place to start might be an ActivityPub client that shows CWs as ROT13 instead of Show/Hide buttons. That sounds like an amazing old school usenet view of the Fediverse, come to think of it.

@darius Oh, and you could show uuencode dumps for CW/sensitive photos.

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