Hey! There's a new episode of Too Much Not Enough! This week @deerful and I talk about what it was like for her to be a 12 year old girl making websites in the early 2000s. Subjects include: Neopets, tables vs divs, being cool enough to purchase a domain name, adoptables, blinkies, guestbooks, subcultural studies, and the allure of being horny on main.

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@darius @deerful Hey, the previous episode (2x02) isn't showing in my feed - is that a known issue?

@darius @deerful Thanks for posting. I hadn't heard of this show but have added it.

I would like to make one request. Please make an RSS button rather than the small link on top so RSS gets equal billing with google and apple. It would mean so much to me.

I know those of us who use RSS will find it and notice it, but I'd really like to make it so others see RSS as a first class citizen, too.

@darius @deerful Emma you’re going to love Hypnospace Outlaw when that game comes out

@darius @deerful Perfect! The best part of my morning. I think I'll have a coffee in celebration. And I will definitely make sure the 2 people have sway over check out the current episode. Sorry I'm not more influential.

@Jason_Dodd @deerful oh no! I only talk to influencers, I take it all back

@darius @deerful I've downloaded them all will be listening this week. Now that there's a fancy RSS button I'll be compelled to listen from now on even if I think the episodes suck!

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