Social software does not need to be designed to retain users if retention is the job of the community rather than the software. (That is, if retention is even a goal at all.)

@darius Is this in response to a particular assertion or phenomenon?

@rusty No. I'm writing an article about the benefits of designing software that is not meant to scale in any way beyond, say, 100 users.

@darius @rusty Ha! I figured it was about that birdsite thread by one of the YouTube programmers that's been going around on Masto today.

@lrhodes @rusty thank god I have no idea what you're talking about (I have all boosts turned off so I don't see any news or shared things at all unless it's important enough for someone I follow to make an original comment on it)

@7even Yeah that's true, it is the job of the software and the community. But you don't need "retention features" (like badges or whatever) if you have the community there. Retention on the software side ends up being "useful things that the software does"

@darius @7even Now I want to make my pleroma instance say toot :)
@darius yeppers, better off leaving it with me ! ! !

@7even *hands you the totality of divine powers, also a fiver*

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