Preview slide from my talk. (Video of the talk will be available online in a month or two, I'll post a link when it's up.)

@darius I've been trying to think of ways that legislation could force decentralisation, but haven't figured it out. Any ideas?

@darius @Wolf480pl I considered for example, could we require that all messaging services/social networks document and publish their APIs for everyone to use but really that wouldn't be enough. It's hard to just say "you have to interoperate"

@ZacharyHerold @darius "you have to interoperate" wouldn't be enough. Gmail interoperates.

@Wolf480pl @darius Far from perfect, but beyond what the legislation I am suggesting would fix. Facebook and co. are the real enemies


I was working to move play by email games to XMPP when Gtalk came and went. Anything that can be centralized, will, and at the worst possible moment

I'm a big fan of using Dat to replace the S3 type storage built into most fediverse server software and thinking of ways to use AP and SSB together provides more joy than "open hardware strawberry milkshake cannon," so please hook me up if you find anyone wanting to talk architecture in that space

@yaaps yes! exactly. would love to talk dat as s3 replacement

Here's the first draft of my architecture document:

This would be much easier to build in Node.js (which I hate for purely subjective reasons) and the existence of such a beast would reduce the user-facing requirements of my Lua version




We have mutuals, so you should be able to see that by surfing from a reference to %i1oMG7guOnWHjVdl4JNdoTzvCz+M1do5uo9cXzG+X4Y=.sha256 in your own food or browsing the #activitypub channel


Umm, feed. Blame autocorrect even though i posted that from the web


why would node.js reduce the user-facing requirements of your Lua version? What am I missing?

See also which has floated by here a few times...


@bhaugen @darius
A Node version of my stack would have access to well maintained libraries for OAuth2 and other ancillary protocols important for interaction with the rest of the fediverse as well as the native libraries for Dat and SSB. If that existed, I'd continue work on YAAPS with more emphasis on backend tooling

And that announcement is *great* news for the Node community. I'm interested in following what they do because package distribution is part of my macro plan

@bhaugen @yaaps @darius just ended up watching that entire talk on my phone. wow that scream for federation at the end was impressive!

@bhaugen @yaaps I believe the beast being referenced is using dat instead of s3, so users don't need to set up s3

@darius "uncentralizable" is such a powerful and important word. which I assume is why the computer is always putting that bold red squiggle beneath it

@aparrish @darius spell check: highlighting your best ideas since 1987

@Transflux something that makes no economic sense to centralize. the example I give is I do a 1 to 3 hour video call with new users on my server

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