I gave a short (15 min) talk at CSVConf last month about federated social media, trust, and how we can better define community boundaries. In particular, I discuss the importance of local-only content that never federates, and the ability to tag other servers as "trusted" and federate things only to those servers. That last idea is something I call "neighborhoods".

Non-youtube direct mp4 here:

@darius This was really interesting! It's good to hear more about where your thinking is on the future of friend camp-likes.

It's also got me thinking about how the technical and social networks influence each other, and how you could build something like the neighbourhood concept on the software layer, but it would never match up on a hardware network level.

@darius cool to hear you speak and see how you interact in meatspace! enjoyed the synopsis on neighborhoods

@darius yo i run a distro with v little extra installed so can't watch youtube videos so apprecaite the direct link <3

@darius Great talk. I have Qs.

Do we need mechanisms to let users of a node have a say in when these internode connections are made or revoked?

In case a subset of users disagree with the outcome what recourse should they have? Splitting off to make a new node could work if accounts were portable. In that case should they automatically inherit the same neighborhood before the change, or would that cause other problems?

How can we detect and handle bad actors mirroring content they shouldn't?

@darius AFAIK, Mastodon doesn't support local-timeline-only toots. How did you get it working for your instance?
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