Sometimes I re-enable boosts in my home timeline and I'm like "OH, that's where they keep all the drama and and upsetting stuff and discourse that I always seem to miss out on."

(Yes, this is my semi-regular public service announcement that disabling boosts in your home timeline is the best.)

@darius I've been doing it for some users I follow, because they tend to boost a lot.

But in my experience, if they boost a lot of drama and upsetting stuff their own toots will also contain drama and upsetting stuff.

@faho I've found that to be true, BUT I care more about the personal upsetting stuff going on with my friends and acquaintances than like, the background noise friend-of-a-friend upsetting stuff

@darius Oh, yeah, sure.

There's a difference between "I'm feeling bad" and "this thing that's happening to someone else is bad".

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