Fun way to find random documents. Go to Google search, and search for

filetype:pdf the

Feel free to replace the word "the" with any other innocuous word. You'll get a bunch of random PDFs.

Another fun constraint:

filetype:pdf site:org the

This will return PDFs by ".org" domains (mostly nonprofits) so you get a bunch of random reports.

Also try

filetype:pdf "internal use only"

Oh and if you want to have your soul sucked away try

filetype:ppt "internal use only"

@riking Yeah that is a leaked document that Wired released for an article.

@darius lol
filetype:pdf "tlp red" -"traffic light protocol"

@dom @darius @er1n For German users, use

filetype:pdf "dienstgebrauch"


Pro-tip: Use startpage instead, then you can actually take all the fun without the bad feeling to have to visit google.

@jeybe On their page they say they are paying Google for the privilege of using their search results, so I'm not sure how that's much better than using a privacy respecting browser to use Google itself. I'm willing to learn why it is better, by the way, I just can't think of a compelling reason.

Ok, now I have a bad feeling. Will check that when I'm home.

Saw it now, too. Recommended startpage because you get googles results without tracking and personalization. May have to overthink this now.

But, quick test showed that duckduckgo, qwant and searx (dependent on chosen engines) are also able to apply that filters. Am aware that ddg and qwant have their bad sides, too, so don't see this as recommendation.

@jeybe @darius "ne pas diffuser" = "do not release" / DGSE = french secret service

@darius @jeybe I agree that Startpage sucks for exactly that reason.Not using Google and still pay them?No thanks.But my favorite search engine MetaGer supports the same queries:

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