I was interviewed for Marketplace today about running your own social network site! You can catch me on NPR stations today or just listen/read here:

@darius @bhaugen
Somebody there must be paying more attention to such things than I expected...and/or you did a great job of getting the word out...

@darius Awesome! They're always complaining about Facebook, but Molly is nerdy enough that I was wondering when she'd do something on mastodon. And your write up is the perfect material to cover. Looking forward to listening to it 😊

Great interview! Hopefully more people start to learn about alternatives to Facebook etc.

@darius I want you to know I am pushing this out on all my social media in the quiet hope that someone will read/listen to it and then Have A Cool Idea, What If We Did That

@s It's based mainly on personal trust and I don't know you and you (I think) don't know me, sorry!

@darius it's ok

i might go sniping 1-glyph tags if i got to lol

@darius is my passion in living

also congratulations for going on MP

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