My next big plan for Hometown is a clear and safe migration path BACK to vanilla Mastodon. That way there's not a huge commitment to trying it out, and if something happens to me or the project, you can always go back to regular Mastodon.

The hard part is figuring out what to do with local-only posts when an instance moves back to Mastodon. I wrote down my current thoughts on how this might work, both on short-term and long-term solutions:

@darius is there a way to do the DM solution such that a move back to hometown again restores them?

@bcj if there were, I wouldn't implement it. too confusing for users. even the DM thing might be too confusing, I'm not sold on that either

@darius I'm not super familiar with the specifics, but if you give the local posts a url that doesn't actually match any routes, it shouldn't be fetchable. e.g., /status/username/local-10999876/. But it exists on the server, and so is accessible via API.

The weak point is I believe some API calls are open to the public and it may slip out.

@tedu It's the latter I'm worried about, which is why v1 is just going to be full deletion.

@Cito there are fairly comprehensive instructions on the wiki! as long as you are self hosting it should be doable. I'm happy to help, too

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