Is there a writeup for ? I was at a different conference all weekend and missed everything.

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@darius you mean #activitypubconf or #apconf ? a person whose username is "how" was liveposting the talks under those hashtags iirc

It's #apconf
- @314 thanks for keeping me in the loop ;)

Regarding "writeup" :
For now : You can find the Etherpads on the page would take you there.
It still reads "Participate", so feel free to add ideas.

Today: Really working hardly on the videos and photos and maybe reads (it is amazing how good audio transcription became).
Have to handle some additional privacy requests and optimizing audio (first two talks have just cam. sound) …

@314 #APConf and #ActivityPubConf refer to the same event. I started using #APconf as it's shorter to type, but @maloki noted that the longer form means something for a user of a screen reader, which is why #ActivityPubConf is the preferred form, which I used more specifically on the second day of the conference.


@darius But if you would like to click "Show more" a thousand times, use mastodon ;)
Live Toots :

Videos will go to – you all get a message when you can subscribe …

@darius I'm going to be writing something hopefully over the next few days, I've just been exhausted from the trip, and finally landing in the UK for the move. And settling in etc

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