@darius whats the clue for this one

ive figured out half but im stuck,

@darius dont forget to put your n... on your(?) ....????!??

see i can like. my best guess for n there is "neck" but, "put your neck on your" doesnt really resolve for the last word

@darius dont forget to put your neck on your toontown

@pupy it took me at least like... 5 minutes to figure out that last word lol

@trwnh its definitely the hardest bit

still amused i never thought of "name" though lmao

@darius don't forget to put your name on your boredoms

@kit @darius won't commit to pet dogs: next on dogs foregoer

@mewo2 @kit @darius sometimes i try to trick my dog by saying "Peter! Wanna forgo a walk?" but he doesn't get it so it's not funny

@mewo2 @kit @darius nothing in my collection of 5.5 million iambic (not necessarily pentameter) tweets matches this :(


@darius welp just googled that phrase and found out it's the correct answer, feeling mildly pleased with myself

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