People have asked me if having local-only posting somehow discourages federated posting.

I finally did the actual queries on our instance database, and after about a year of having local-only as an option we are at almost exactly 50/50 local vs federated posts.

65% of our accounts have been active in the last month, which is on the high side of normal for an instance with 80 accounts.

We post about 2x more *federated* posts than other instances with ~40 active users.

My theory is that having local-only posts encourages a stronger community, which encourages more posting in general, which leads to more federated AND more local posts.

I believe that offering local-only posts *strengthens* federation.

(Comparative stats above were collected by me looking at the instance/activity endpoint on similarly sized servers to Friend Camp.)

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We have some people on Friend Camp who *almost never* post federated, and that's okay. Their presence here helps keep other people who *do* federate engaged and enjoying their time on Friend Camp!

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"In Defense of Unfederated Content" would have been my talk had I attended and had I given a talk.

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@darius let's just pretend you did give a talk but you didn't federate it

@mewo2 I've decided to actually write this talk as an article for my Patreon backers which is basically the same thing

@darius cool, although it seems like something it would be useful to share with the fediverse more broadly

@mewo2 I'll probably share it at a later date with the public

Perhaps video record the talk yourself and upload to Peertube somewhere? :)

I have a feeling that BBS sysops have known that for some time. Early on, BBSes were topical, and supported only limited networking with other BBSes. The latter for practical reasons, of course (expensive long distance charges encouraged sysops to minimize their netmail traffic); but, it'd turn out having a healthy, local community just *felt* right too. It happened that certain BBSes became world-famous just for the community they had.

@darius I like the option of local-only posting - being able to target your output to some degree is a good thing.

@Darius Kazemi @Doug Belshaw 🇪🇺☠️✊

Is there a reliable way to tell from the JSON activity that a post is intended for local only visibility? I ask because our project - like many others, does parent fetching when we encounter a public reply in a conversation to which we don't have the parent. This _might_ bypass the visibility limitation unless your server also blocks remote fetches for these objects/activities.

@spider @dajbelshaw Specifically blocks remote fetches, it's messages that never leave the metal of the server except to be distributed to the client of a user with an account on the server

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