NYC folks: if you'd like a free ticket to my day long workshop this Friday about, essentially, how to run a great Mastodon instance for your community, I have discount codes!

It's based on my guide but it uses the guide as a jumping off point and I get into some of the nitty gritty, including things like "how to stay on top of Mastodon releases and keep your community informed of new features if you don't know anything about programming"

@darius Am I crazy that updating Mastodon is way harder than it has any right to be? Why can't it run its own damn migrations/asset compilation?

@ross I think their answer is to use the Docker releases but I absolutely do not trust Docker under any circumstances (mostly because it's an extra black box layer -- it might be the right choice for a less technical person)

@darius Huh... maybe I'm confused but I AM using the docker releases and still have to do the migrations.

@ross I'm sure you're right, then I have no idea tbh

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