Is there any documentation on the *usage* of full text search for Mastodon instances that use it? There's plenty of documentation on how to install it but I mean from a user perspective. I'd like to know if there are advanced operators for things like time of post, or your basic AND/OR/NOT logic operators.

@darius If you don't know of such documentation, I would assume it does not exist.

@darius I don't have it installed on my instance, but I know it uses elastic so maybe some of the syntax mentioned here will work?

@darius e.g.
qu?ck bro*
quikc~ brwn~ foks~

@darius lemme know what you find out, if anything -- i'm working on updating the docs

@trwnh @darius API-wise, you can use account_id, min_id and max_id to filter by author or time range. User syntax wise, it "supports phrases" -exclusions and +inclusions, which -"also work for phrases"

@Gargron @trwnh perfect, thanks. I just confirmed that prepending a + or - to a hashtag works too

@trwnh @darius Last example probably confusing because + is "AND" and here it looks like you're trying to "OR"

@Gargron @darius hmm, i could clear that up but on that note, is there actually an OR option? how might one search for cat OR dog and find results containing either instead of both?

@trwnh @Gargron
Oh you want XOR? hmmm. I'd say it would need to be two different searches.

cat -dog

dog -cat

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