reading about the bluesky lead's theory of social media as expressed by a "we're hiring" statement

bluesky, fedi meta 

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re: bluesky, fedi meta 

@thegibson @darius @garbados Darius wrote a book about the fediverse

And yes, good take

@Gargron @darius @garbados

I’ve wrote many toots about it.

Practically the same.


@darius oof that is brutal. That's what I've wanted to send the press who have contacted me about it but I am too chicken to say this out loud.

@aaronpk As a person who is committed to never having a job at a tech company ever again, it is imperative that I say stuff like this

re: bluesky, fedi meta 

re: bluesky, fedi meta 


I've been contacted by 2 reporters today for my opinion, and this is a screenshot of an email I wrote to one of them. My ultra cynical inside baseball take as an ex Big Tech Worker.

the text of the image was also in the image description. Does #Friendica not federate those perhaps, or did you just miss that, or is the OCR response easier to read?

Not a criticism; just curious. :)

@FiXato Oh!

Yeah, to discover that I'd have to have a really bad connection and see the alt before the image loads, or I'd have to very carefully sift through the page source to find the post and see if any alt text there.

Not sure what to do about this. Turn off image loading maybe. Maybe there's a setting in Friendica to do it. If I do it in the browser I lose my icons I think.

I guess I'm too used to reading with the mobile client I use, #Fedilab, where I can just tap on the image to show the alt text.
I suspect that on a desktop browser with mouse, you can just hover over the image to have it show up as a tooltip? I guess the nicest might be to have an option in Friendica/Mastodon to have the image description always available underneath the image.

It's probably something I could script as a #UserScript extension too?

But I see why you used OCRBot. :)

@FiXato On hover it shows the title attribute, the alt attribute is only shown when the image is missing. And hover is not a clear concept on mobile anyway, so it's not easy.

So yeah, some formatting on the server or in some client-side script would be necessary.
@FiXato Oh actually, had I paid attention when I pressed the "Share" button ... It retains the alt text within the img bbcode element! But good, now I know where to look.
@FiXato It's what I do when I send it to the bot, so I just have to check more carefully while doing it.

I used to just @ the bot, nothing more, but it would frequently fail to find the image, so now I quote-@ instead.
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