Having fun with BASIC-8 interpreter on the PDP-8/e at the Living Computers Museum in Seattle. Made a weird little landscape/flag generator.

You know what's fun? Pressing a button and making this thing click and whirr and blink.

I took snippets of the DEC BASIC-8 manual for the TSS/8 operating system and inserted them into a poetry generator. This is the poem. (The randomizer runs the same every time (no seeds though I could fake it) so this is in a sense *the* output.)

@cwebber @darius

note to me :
The response to the photoflood caused by smartphones is that all friends are returning to pixels.


That's... kind of apocalyptic, really. REPLACE EVERYTHING.

This looks like a fatally broken AI about to destroy the world. 😟

@darius I had totally forgotten about Dim statements. - thanks for reminding me. is coming to .net core - a language that is persistent if nothing else!

@squirrel amusingly my Dim statement is 100% superfluous in this program and was left over from some other code

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