I successfully installed the latest version of #friendica on my server!

I'm now a stone's throw away from my dream of having a private social network for my friends and myself.

Big thanks to @darius for his "Run Your Own Social" guide, which kicked this off for me, to @hypolite for ongoing work on Friendica, and @tobias for help upgrading the YunoHost installer script.

I'm nearly jumping for joy. 🎉😁

@sdub @Darius Kazemi @Hypolite Petovan

FWIW a few projects allow RSVP to Create/Event activities and Friendica is among these - an "implied invitation". Technically RSVP responses should instead be replies to explicit Invite/Event activities per specification. I recently changed Zap to only send Invite/Event but will also accept  RSVPs to Create/Event. Correcting the Hubzilla implementation is in progress (The Zot6 protocol driver has been converted but the ActivityPub driver still needs more attention). This change means that there will likely be some minor incompatibilities with event RSVPs between various platforms until everybody uses (should they choose to do so) the correct form.

@Darius Kazemi is aware of this work but RSVP compatibility between Friendica and gath.io as I recall is currently based on implied invitations. I don't know if the Invite/Event (explicit) form of activity is fully supported by either of these projects currently and is something you should also be aware of.

@mike @hypolite @EssDub Yes, right now Gathio sends Create/Event and accepts an Accept/Event as a valid response. What's interesting is that Gathio doesn't have a UX concept of explicit invitations, only implied ones, so it seemed like the natural thing to do. I could always send out an Invite/Event as well; as long as the server returns an Accept/Event in response it won't be an issue.

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