I successfully installed the latest version of #friendica on my server!

I'm now a stone's throw away from my dream of having a private social network for my friends and myself.

Big thanks to @darius for his "Run Your Own Social" guide, which kicked this off for me, to @hypolite for ongoing work on Friendica, and @tobias for help upgrading the YunoHost installer script.

I'm nearly jumping for joy. 🎉😁

@sdub @Darius Kazemi @Hypolite Petovan

Yes, but ....

per the vocabulary doco the proper response should be Accept/Invite or more specifically Accept/{Invite/Event}. This is what I'm currently generating. We will honor Accept/Event but no longer generate it. I anticipate we're going to have compatibility issues as a result, but I'm just trying to do the right thing.

@mike @hypolite @EssDub okay! I can provide support for that as well.

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